Pa. AG Rejects Fraud Hearing as ‘Fake,’ ‘Devoid of Reality’

Pa. AG Rejects Fraud Hearing as ‘Fake,’ ‘Devoid of Reality’

An election fraud hearing before Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers in Gettysburg on Wednesday did not sit well with the Democrat state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who rebuked it is a “fake” and “devoid of reality.”

Shapiro tweeted:

“The sitting president’s remarks today were devoid of reality. The election is over. Pennsylvania has certified results & declared Joe Biden the winner of our Commonwealth. Lying through a cell phone at a fake hearing changes nothing.”

President Donald Trump called into the meeting examining accusations of election impropriety, calling the state’s election fraudulent and illegitimate.

“This election was lost by the Democrats,” Trump said by phone held to the mic by Trump campaign legal counsel Jenna Ellis. “They cheated, it was a fraudulent election.”

Ellis sat alongside Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer who has been leading a longshot legal effort in several states to reverse the results of the Nov. 3 election.

Trump had planned to travel to the hearing, but scrapped the trip earlier in the day. The visit had not been listed on the president’s public schedule, but people familiar with the matter said he intended to appear alongside Giuliani.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was also nonplussed by the hearing.

“This is an Amway convention in a holiday ballroom, that’s all it is,” Fetterman told a radio program, Newsweek reported. “They’re going to sell the same kind of products that no one really believes is legitimate.

“And that’s the problem here, with all of this. I just put this out on social media, the Pennsylvania GOP is saying that there is voter fraud in Pennsylvania, but not our races, you know there wasn’t any fraud in our races that elected us.”

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