Poland’s Speaker: Russia Could Attack Poland, Use Nuclear Weapons

Poland’s Speaker: Russia Could Attack Poland, Use Nuclear Weapons

Poland’s standing as the NATO ally closest to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has it under threat of an attack from Vladimir Putin, including potential use of tactical nukes or chemical weapons, Senior Parliament Speaker Antoni Macierewicz told Newsmax.

“The Russian imperialism is very dangerous for Europe and the entire western world,” Macierewicz told “Prime News” with Jenn Pellegrino through an interpreter.

Macierewicz said Poland is prepared for an attack from Russia, being on the front lines of supply and aid from the western allies opposed to Russia’s invasion. And Putin has warned all nations to “not interfere” with his “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The U.S. “is supposed to be a guarantor of security for Poland and for Europe in the case of an attack from Russia,” Macierewicz added to Pellegrino.

Poland is not just a primary supporter for the humanitarian effort in Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion, but it is also the linchpin to providing Europe security from Russia’s further “imperialistic operation,” Macierewicz continued.

“Russia is ready for a long-term imperialistic operation to totally dominate Europe and to eliminate the United States of America from Europe, which is why the west has to remain united and especially support the eastern flank with Poland,” Macierewicz said.

“Because only if Poland will be supported on the eastern flank, only then we will have peace and security in Europe.”

Macierewicz, who was Poland’s former national minister of defense, has noted Russia’s “imperialistic” designs for years and because of that Poland has cut off all Russian oil and gas imports by the end of the year, having planned for the possibility of Russian aggression.

“We were already aware such a Russian aggression might indeed happen and the breakthrough year was 2010,” he said, adding Poland has prepared options to supply its oil, liquefied natural gas, coal, and other energy sources outside of Russian influence.

But support must come from the rest of the world, too, he continued.

Macierewicz – noting Poland has already taken in more than 2.5 million refugees thus far and estimating the total will ultimately hit 3 million – stressed his country needs economic support as the world leader in reestablishing the uprooted lives of Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s “genocide.”

Macierewicz lamented the European Union having frozen some funding of the humanitarian effort, and even imposing “financial penalties on Poland,” claiming the EU had concerns of “the rule of law” in Poland. Macierewicz rejected that allegation as “absolutely not true.”

“This again poses a question what is the real policy of the European Union toward Ukraine and Poland being the one and only country that has taken up this huge effort to accommodate those people from Ukraine, because we also help them not only in humanitarian [aid] but also in a military way,” Macierewicz said.

“We don’t count very much on,” he continued, “the support of the United States,” hoping that support will “reflect on the position of the European Union.”

“Let me please thank the entire American nation, but especially President Donald Trump,” Macierewicz concluded, saying without “his support we would not be as safe as we are now.”

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