Pop Star Pink Pulls Stunt Against ‘Book Bans’ — but Won’t Touch Lewd Books Parents Actually Oppose

Pop Star Pink Pulls Stunt Against ‘Book Bans’ — but Won’t Touch Lewd Books Parents Actually Oppose

The pop star Pink is promising to give away 2,000 copies of four books that have been deemed inappropriate for children by some public school libraries in Florida — the latest attempt from the left to breathe more life into their “book bans” hoax.

Pink’s PR stunt avoids any mention of the sexually explicit and even pornographic books that are at the center of the political debate, like Gender Queer and All Boys Aren’t Blue, which feature scenes of oral and anal sex.

Other controversial titles promote critical race theory — the belief that skin color should be the organizing criterion in American society — while others are thinly veiled attempts at LGBTQ indoctrination.

The four titles Pink is giving away are: Todd Parr’s The Family Book, which promotes LGBTQ themes; The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman, who is a Biden poet laureate; Toni Morrison’s classic Beloved, which features scenes of rape and sexual abuse; and an unnamed book from the non-profit group Girls Who Code.

Pink’s giveaway — which will occur as part of her ongoing music tour — is a partnership with PEN America, the left-wing writers group that has filed a lawsuit against a Florida school district over the removal of certain books from public school libraries.

PEN America has grown increasingly leftist in recent years, even suing then-President Donald Trump in 2018, claiming Trump represented a threat to freedom of the press.

Pink doesn’t appear to believe that the left is trying to smuggle pornographic books into school libraries, challenging people to “prove it.”

Some of her followers obliged.

As Breitbart News reported, several celebrities have joined a related, George Soros-backed initiative that is trying to re-frame the removal of sexually explicit and other inappropriate books from school libraries as “book bans.”

The “Banned Bookmobile” is going on a multi-state tour to “sound alarms” about so-called book banning, with stops including the key battleground states of Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. The project is backed by MoveOn, the far-left political organization that has received millions of dollars in funding from George Soros.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has repeatedly defended Florida’s decision to remove certain inappropriate books from school libraries.

“Exposing the ‘book ban’ hoax is important because it reveals that some are attempting to use our schools for indoctrination,” he said in a statement back in March.

“In Florida, pornographic and inappropriate materials that have been snuck into our classrooms and libraries to sexualize our students violate our state education standards.”

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