Pro-Hamas Activists Crash Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, Battle Police; Arrests Ensue – RedState

Pro-Hamas Activists Crash Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, Battle Police; Arrests Ensue – RedState

The pro-Hamas activists seem to be hitting all the notable Christmas tree lightings. 

They hit the one that Joe Biden attended while he was visiting Nantucket. Then they hit the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting on Tuesday night. 

On Wednesday, they showed up for the Rockefeller Center tree in NYC. They’ll likely hit the National Christmas Tree lighting at the White House on Thursday. 

Hundreds crowded into the area around the tree at Rockefeller Center, near the News Corp building that houses Fox News, with the intent of trying to shut down the ceremony. They failed at that; the ceremony continued but the police flooded into the area, so the activists were unable to shut things down. 

One activist climbed a pillar and waved a Palestinian flag. Another carried a sign with a swastika on it, accusing the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)  of being Nazis, an outlandish attack that showed the twisted unreality of the event.

Jamie Fry, 42, who flew in from the United Kingdom to watch the tree-lighting spectacle said the protest was “very annoying.”

“I had planned my holiday around this event, being a big fan of Christmas. Now I’m walled in by a bunch of terrorist-loving a–holes calling for intifada,” Fry told The Post. 

“Their strategy for sympathy is disruption, but all they’ll get out of me is a big f–k you”

But they called their action “Flood the Tree Lighting for Gaza.” Hamas called their Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Operation al Aqsa Flood, so the wording appeared to reference back to that.

They also bore signs calling for “Victory to the Palestinian Resistance” (with Worker’s World Party listed at the bottom), as well as “Revolution until victory.”

When news broke that Henry Kissinger had died, they let out a cheer. They managed to get a cop hat and burn it. They also put up graffiti claiming that “Jesus was a Palestinian,” even trying to twist the history of Jesus. 

A worker, perhaps speaking for all of us, yelled at them all to go to work and “get a f**king job.”

 But things deteriorated even further when they started getting into battles with the police. Mostly peaceful they were not, as Julio Rosas caught. 

Warning for graphic language: 

The officers had to deploy pepper spray to get control of the situation. 

They also tried to fight the police to free a person the police were trying to detain.

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