‘Professionally Insulting’: Dana Perino Thrashes White House For Failure To Address Real Questions

‘Professionally Insulting’: Dana Perino Thrashes White House For Failure To Address Real Questions

Fox News anchor Dana Perino criticized President Joe Biden and his White House staffers over their refusal to give real answers in a professional setting to questions that the press — and, by extension, the American people — are asking.

Perino, who hosts “America’s Newsroom” alongside Bill Hemmer, was responding to a clip of the president as he was about to depart the White House aboard Marine One, and had stopped briefly to answer a few questions over the noise of the chopper.

“I’ve done all I can do,” Biden said in response to a question about the ongoing chaotic scene at the southern border, claiming that he had no authority to act unless Congress moved forward with a bipartisan deal. “Give me the power. I’ve asked for it from the very day I got in office. Give me the Border Patrol, give me the people, give me the people — the judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work —”


Perino held nothing back in her reaction: “That’s terrible to me. That’s terrible!”

“If they at the White House communications office want him to make news and want him to take questions, do it in a way where the American people, our allies, and our adversaries can hear him clearly, and then you won’t get all the questions as to his mental capacity, because you could actually hear him if he’s being coherent,” she continued.

Perino, who served as White House Press Secretary under former President George W. Bush, added, “I’m just, I find it professionally insulting as somebody who used to work there, that they think that this is good enough for the president to just, to take a question like that when you can’t actually hear him above the rotating blades. The other day, he was at the Nowhere Coffee Company, he answers a very important question about troops that have just been killed? It’s not good enough!”


Biden has often been criticized for his failure to give regular press conferences — and for keeping notes and cheat sheets on which reporters to call on and what questions they might ask. But still, Perino made it clear that she was willing to give him another chance: “He’s welcome to come on here! We’d love to ask him some questions.”


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