Rand Paul: Biden Won’t Make a Difference in Georgia Senate Races

Rand Paul: Biden Won’t Make a Difference in Georgia Senate Races

Joe Biden won’t have much influence in his trip to Georgia to help campaign for the Democrat candidates seeking wins in the upcoming Senate runoff races, Sen. Rand Paul said Monday. 

“He won his election by staying in the basement and his best objective right now might be staying in the basement,” the Kentucky Republican said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime.” “The race is incredibly important. Democrats have vowed to make D.C. a state. Most people in Georgia would think twice about giving a medium-size city the same amount of votes in the Senate as Georgia gets.”

He added that most people in Georgia are worried about Democrats taking charge of the Senate and packing the Supreme Court, and will be worried about restoring the corporate income tax to where it was before President Donald Trump. 

He also said that he believes libertarians will cast their votes for Republican incumbent Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue because they will believe a Republican-controlled Senate “will help protect the country from all branches of government being controlled by the Democrats.” 

Paul also spoke out against the more stringent mandates being put in place as COVID-19 numbers continue to climb nationwide, saying the only things that will really work are vaccines that are on their way to being released. 

“These busybodies think that they can dictate to us everything we do in our lives and how we live our lives,” said Paul. “We now have more mandates than we’ve ever had including these new ones? And guess what? We have more incidences of COVID-positive patients than we ever have so there’s no indication really that any of these lockdowns or any of these mandates have slowed this down.”

He said he thinks The Wall Street Journal “put it best” when it said the virus is “insidious, it’s largely spreading regardless of human behavior.”

And the only thing that will slow something like that down is a vaccine, said Paul. 

“I think if we take our eye off that prize, the vaccine, if we keep saying just wash our hands and this thing is going to go away, guess what, it’s not going away until we get a vaccine,” he said. 

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