Rand Paul to Newsmax: ‘Proud’ of Swimmer for Standing up to Activists

Rand Paul to Newsmax: ‘Proud’ of Swimmer for Standing up to Activists

Sen. Rand Paul, joined by University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines on Newsmax Wednesday, said he was “proud” of her for advocating greater fairness in women’s sports.

The Kentucky Republican applauded the swimmer’s bravery during an appearance on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” lauding Gaines for standing up against transgender activists in the face of ridicule by fellow students and the media.

“It’s just silence that there’s no difference — that men and women are exactly the same with regard to sports — and everybody knows that’s not true,” Paul stated. “And we have to push back. That’s why I’m proud of Riley Gaines for speaking out.”

“I think there’s some private, subtle bullying going on trying to keep girls from saying anything,” he continued. “And frankly, we need dozens of more swimmers and track runners like Riley that are willing to speak out.”

Gaines said she would define a successful reversal as “when a change is made, and accountability is taken,” arguing that the Biden administration’s gender agenda has influenced the NCAA and similar sports bodies.

“I think there are actually a lot of independent, moderate moms who have daughters who are swimming or are in track, soccer, you name it, who are like, ‘Wow, that’s not fair.’ And they get that. And I think this is something that has to be discussed more,” Paul said.

“I think the vast majority of America, actually, are on our side. But I think if we’re quiet, if this is met with silence, this will become the norm. And one day, we’re going to look up at the top three spots at the Olympics, and women’s sports will be men,” he added.


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