Rep. Babin to Newsmax: Border Policies Putting Americans at Risk ‘On Purpose’

Rep. Babin to Newsmax: Border Policies Putting Americans at Risk ‘On Purpose’

The Biden administration is putting Americans’ lives “at risk on purpose” through its lax policies at the border that is allowing record numbers of immigrants to enter the United States illegally, Rep. Brian Babin told Newsmax Thursday. 

“Nearly 209,000 illegals came across last month, and that is a record,” the Texas Republican said on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “That is simply a record and that’s a 317% increase from last year and a 233% increase from August of 2019. “

The border is the nation’s “first line” of defense, Babin added, but the Biden administration “just simply continues to let [immigrants] pour across the border, unchecked.”

The administration did lose a lawsuit on migrant protection protocols but is “slow-rolling” its response, and is “releasing thousands of COVID-positive individuals into this country and endangering the lives of all Americans,” said Babin. 

However, “law-abiding citizens are being subjected to the authoritarian style rule” of President Joe Biden, but “COVID-positive illegal immigrants are not,” said Babin. “I mean, think about that. It’s nuts.”

The border situation is being complicated because “people are spread so thin that cartels are in control,” he said. “We’ve got not just Central Americans and Mexicans coming in. Haitians, Africans, Asians. They’re coming from 130 different nations, many on the no-fly list, many on the terrorist watch list.”

Further, refugees from Afghanistan are not being vetted properly, creating another danger, said Babin.

“This administration is lawless and they are lying, and they are not coming clean about what’s happening and what their real goals are,” said Babin. 

He also slammed the administration’s claims that the border is closed as “pure lies.”

“[It’s] one lie after the other as we’ve heard, and all of these crises that have been created by this incompetent president and his incompetent advisers and the entire administration, from defunding the police to the Afghan disaster,” said Babin. “Now, we’ve got, you know, a reconciliation budget of $3.5. trillion that is filled with provisions like granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.”

Even with Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia saying they’ll stay firm and vote against the expensive plan, Babin said he won’t hold his breath on that happening or for a reasonable plan to be worked out. 

“What happens if they reduce it to $3 trillion or $2.5 trillion?” said Babin. “It’s still overwhelmingly a bad thing for America.”

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