Rep. Claudia Tenney to Newsmax: ‘Beijing Biden’ Is ‘Beholden’ to China

Rep. Claudia Tenney to Newsmax: ‘Beijing Biden’ Is ‘Beholden’ to China

President Joe Biden and his family are “beholden” to China and will not call them out for doing wrong in the world, according to Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., on Newsmax.

“I consider him to be ‘Beijing Biden,'” Tenney told Tuesday’s “Stinchfield.” “I think he is beholden to them. I think it’s obvious. You know, we’re not going to get into any wars with them. Whether it’s unleashing this [COVID-19] virus that has killed over 4 million in the world, and over 700,000 Americans, the Chinese are in negotiations with the Taliban. They’ve been in negotiations with them for months.”

Tenney said it is likely the Chinese will now move into Bagram Airport in Afghanistan to loot the rare Earth minerals and grab some of the billion’s worth of military equipment left here after the United States pulled out of the country Aug. 31.

“They’re going to be moving in to go after the rare Earth minerals, over 1 trillion worth of valuable assets,” she said. “They’re going to continue to provide infrastructure to vulnerable nations around the world and leverage that power against them, where we’re not going to have any way of controlling them.

“And Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care, because the Biden family has parlayed their political careers into making millions off the Chinese Communist Party and they’re compromised, and this is all starting to come out.”

Tenney’s remarks come as Biden did not mention China during his Tuesday speech in front of the United Nations General assembly in New York.Before the 2020 presidential election, an& Oct. 15 story in the New York Post revealed emails, sent by Biden’s son Hunter, outlining several deals with Chinese business interests, such as CEFC China Energy Co. that identified the younger Biden in the emails as “Chair/Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC.”

The emails, which allegedly came from a laptop owned by Hunter Biden and abandoned at a computer repair store in Delaware, also said his pay would be “850,” and he would “have some office expectations.”

Another email provided a proposed “equity” split with 80% shares of the new company going to four different people including “H,” believed to be referring to Hunter and 10 “held by H for the big guy,” believed to be referring to President Biden.

Both President Biden and Hunter have denied any wrongdoing.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t come out last year because newspapers like The New York Times, and big tech media like Facebook and Twitter shut off all the information that was coming out of Hunter Biden’s laptop,” she said. “Only the New York Post put that information out, and the New York Post was censored and cut off on Twitter and Facebook for a while because they posted this honest story about the relationship between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party.”

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