Rep. Claudia Tenney to Newsmax: GOP Must Stick Together on Speaker

Rep. Claudia Tenney to Newsmax: GOP Must Stick Together on Speaker

In choosing the House speaker on Tuesday, the Republicans need to remain unified, Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., told Newsmax on Monday.

Regarding a few House GOP members who refuse to vote for Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for speaker, which might put his bid in jeopardy, Tenney said McCarthy should not compromise, and instead should say, “No! This is what we’re going to do,” Tenney told “Rob Schmitt Tonight” guest host Joe Pinion. “We need to stick together because you know what the hangs in the balance.

“We have Brandon,” Tenney added. “We have a Senate we didn’t win. We have a country that is getting destroyed and eroded.

“Let’s focus on the real issues. We have an entire country to save here.

“These five Republicans, if they cause us to not have a majority, we can’t govern or we can’t stick together. Say what you want about Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she gets them to stick together, no matter what, and we’ve got to do the same because we have a huge job ahead of us as Republicans.”

Pinion pointed out the last time we did not have a Speaker on the first vote was in 1923, adding Republicans “collected money, knocked on doors, told people we were going to fight to do everything from investigating Hunter Biden, to ensuring that we did not have the FBI trampling on our human rights and our God-given rights, to ensuring that quite possibly we could stop printing so much money we would bankrupt our grandchildren’s grandchildren.”

Pinion then asked how any of those promises can happen when the party cannot even get to regular order and have a speaker, to which Tenney replied, while McCarthy might not be perfect, “we have got to stick together because our task is so monumental.”

“We’ve got to stick together tomorrow,” Tenney concluded. “We’ve got to get a speaker. We’ve got to govern immediately as soon as that as soon as the swearing in ceremony and the Republicans take the majority over.”


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