Rep. Comer: Dems Creating USPS Crisis to Undermine Trump

Rep. Comer: Dems Creating USPS Crisis to Undermine Trump

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., is blasting Democrats for “fabricating a wildly irresponsible and baseless conspiracy theory” about the United State Postal Service.

Comer’s comments came in a column posted by Fox News on Friday.

“Their latest scheme is that the United States Postal Service is making calculated moves to sabotage the election and it does not have the funds nor infrastructure to ensure all mail-in ballots are counted in the 2020 general election,” he said. “This is a predictable play pulled from Democrats’ playbook in order to distract from the true issues facing Americans.”

Comer acknowledged the USPS is in need of reform, “but to paint its woes as something new is not factual.”

He added: “Since the rise of the internet, mail volume has decreased every year and losses at the Postal Service have piled up to a total of $69 billion between 2007 and 2018.”

Comer accused Democrats of fabricating the claim that the Postal Service is hampering the ability to vote by mail in the November election.

“But quite the opposite is true,” he said. “The postal service is educating states on how to make vote by mail successful given realistic timelines associated with delivering the mail.”

And he said the “flimsy” claims that USPS will be unable to handle all the election mail “doesn’t hold water.”

“A simple look at the latest facts reveals that the Democrats once again are manufacturing a crisis to undermine President Trump, but in doing so they only undermine their own credibility and America’s institutions,” he said.

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