Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Border ‘Tremendous National Security Threat’

Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Border ‘Tremendous National Security Threat’

The porous southern border is a “tremendous national security threat for our country,” Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, told Newsmax on Monday.

Fallon said that the GOP-led House is the only way to get the Biden administration and the Democrat-led Senate to do anything about the border, telling “Eric Bolling The Balance” that the House had passed H.R. 2, “a comprehensive border security bill,” but “[Democrat Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer killed it in the Senate.

“We need to keep pressing, and we need to hold firm on negotiations with the White House and the Senate on the budget and the appropriations bills moving forward because it’s really the only leverage we have,” Fallon said. “Our country’s borders are being overrun.”

Fallon noted that the illegal immigration numbers of Russian and Chinese military aged men have spiked lately, and that, even if only 1% of them plan to do harm to the U.S., “that is a tremendous national security threat for our country.”


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