Rep. Gosar to Newsmax TV: Courts Will Start Being Favorable to Trump

Rep. Gosar to Newsmax TV: Courts Will Start Being Favorable to Trump

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar told Newsmax TV on Friday that mounting testimony of claims of fraud and statistical anomalies will force courts to intervene in resolving accusations of fraud and malfeasance in the presidential election.

”It looks like the courts are going to have to intercede here,” the 62-year-old Republican said on ”American Agenda.” ”And I think the rulings are going to start being very, very favorable, that there was a concerted effort. It was very thought out.

”Because when you have a president that overperforms himself from 2016 by 15 million votes, Joe Biden underperforms Hillary Clinton in every state except for these swing states, something is up. Something is wrong here. And we are seeing affidavit after affidavit after affidavit, films of boxes of votes coming, planes coming in and unloading ballots … So this isn’t over. And there is plenty of time to do what’s right. And I think that’s what’s most important — get it right.”

Gosar, who in November won a fifth term by a better than two-to-one margin to represent Arizona’s 4th Congressional District from the Phoenix suburbs to the Nevada border, explained that in Arizona another lawsuit — this one naming Gov. Doug Ducey — has been filed challenging the election results and county officials in and around Phoenix have expanded their inspection of certain ballots after 3% in a 100-ballot sample were found to contain errors.

Ducey, a Republican, and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat — who also was named in the suit — on Monday certified the state’s election results saying Joe Biden won the count by 10,457 votes.

”There is no doubt that there was a lot of mischief that happened during this election. And it only went one way,” Gosar said. ”It only went against Donald Trump. That’s what’s wrong here. I could see if there was some kind of problem in a big city where maybe Trump got more votes. But that’s not what happened. You get 200,000 votes, or like what we saw in Pennsylvania, over 500,000 votes going to Joe Biden and 3,200 going to Donald Trump? That’s physically impossible.”

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