Rep. Hice to Newsmax: Air Marshals Not Trained to Handle Border Mess

Rep. Hice to Newsmax: Air Marshals Not Trained to Handle Border Mess

The Federal Air Marshal Service was designed to mitigate proactively threats taking place during air travel.

As such, these specially trained marshals don’t belong on the ground, patrolling the United States-Mexico border and being tasked with cleaning up President Joe Biden’s mess, said Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga.

“Our air marshals [exist] to defend against threats made in aviation. They’re not needed to solve domestic or humanitarian problems created by the [Biden] administration,” Hice told Newsmax Friday evening, while appearing on “Spicer & Co.” with host Sean Spicer.

By sending air marshals to the southern border, the Biden administration would be “taking away from potential safety issues with aviation,” said Hice, while adding many of the air marshals “aren’t trained” to encounter migrants illegally entering the country or to defend against cartels organizing human- and drug-trafficking operations.

There’s another aspect of Hice’s disapproval with the Biden White House: It makes no sense for air marshals to patrol the southern border, with Title 42 — a Trump-era health order which prevented asylum-seekers from crossing the southern border, due to the COVID-19 pandemic — expiring next week.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is “absolutely not working to secure the southern border, and no influx of air marshals will solve [the Biden White House’s] self-created problem,” said Hice.

The Georgia Republican then added that “tragedies” are taking place at the border every day “because of the Biden administration’s nonexistent policies.”

At this point in the Biden presidency, Hice said, there are no surprises with a White House that doesn’t favor curbing migrant crossings or stopping the flow of lethal drugs such as fentanyl from pouring into the country.

Diverting air marshals from their express duties “is exactly a voluntary repeal of existing law,” said Hice.


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