Rep. James Comer to Newsmax: GOP Ready to ‘Retake the Gavel’ Investigating Hunter Biden in 2023

Rep. James Comer to Newsmax: GOP Ready to ‘Retake the Gavel’ Investigating Hunter Biden in 2023

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax Wednesday that Republicans in Congress are “ready to retake the gavel” and investigate President Joe Biden’s son Hunter amid more released emails and videos from a laptop he abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop.

“(Congressional Republicans are) continuing to gather data. As you know, the Democrats control the committee hearings because they’re in the majority, but we’re fully prepared to retake the gavel, hopefully, after the midterm elections in January,” Comer, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, said during the “Chris Salcedo Show” Wednesday. “We continue to gather evidence, and I’ve been shocked at the amount of evidence now that we have that shows Joe Biden was, in fact, well aware of many of the shady business dealings and many of the shady business characters that Hunter aligned himself with.”

Comer said the information contained on the laptop provide “evidence” that Hunter and his father, who was the sitting vice president at the time, were very entwined, sharing bank accounts and business contacts across the globe, including in Ukraine and China.

“You saw the video where Hunter said his father would ‘do anything’ that he asked. I think now we’ve seen the sales pitch that Hunter Biden would make to the Russian oligarchs, to the Ukrainian energy companies, (and) to the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. “All these shady outfits Hunter Biden had business dealings with when Joe Biden was vice president.”

Comer said the revelations from the laptop could point to Joe Biden violating federal banking laws by allowing Hunter to not only have access to the same account, but by letting him deposit funds and draw checks on his father’s behalf.

“Here the vice president of the United States is on an account that he never disclosed publicly in his financial disclosure form, which I think is an ethics violation in itself,” he said. “And he was a cosigner of some of these notes, and some of these accounts, his name was on some of these accounts that Hunter Biden had. Many of these accounts are in violation with federal banking law.”

Comer said that there are 150 “suspicious activity” reports filed against several of Hunter Biden’s checking accounts.

“We’ve already disclosed that there were 150 suspicious activity reports filed against various hunter Biden checking accounts,” he said. “This is very serious, and Joe Biden was, in fact, involved in some of these accounts.”


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