Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax: GOP Must Stay Focused on Upcoming Elections

Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax: GOP Must Stay Focused on Upcoming Elections

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., told Newsmax Friday that Republicans must stay focused on the upcoming election cycles in 2022 and 2024, while pursuing forensic recounts of the 2020 election.

Brooks had some people boo him during the recent rally for former President Donald Trump in Alabama last week when he told the crowd of 45,000 that they should ”look forward” to the upcoming races and not focus on the 2020 election.

”I was trying to get them to focus on (upcoming) elections,” Brooks said during “Cortes & Pellegrino” Friday. ”We’re already 40 percent through this election cycle. I was trying to get them to look forward, but keep in mind (that) looking forward is also including the forensic audits that are underway in Arizona in other places and is also including the kinds of things we have to do to fix our election system.”

Brooks said he was at the forefront of making sure the counts of the 2020 election were accurate during the period of Election Day through Jan. 6 when a joint session of Congress officially confirmed the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden.

”I was the leader in the fight for honest and accurate elections between Nov. 3 and Jan. 6 and I’ve also been a strong proponent of the forensic audits that are taking place in places like Arizona,” Brooks said.

Brooks said he was not advocating that Republicans should ”get over” the 2020 election and possible voter fraud issues, but that the anger and depression many in the party are feeling are leading to not taking actions to reclaim the majority.

”We’ve got a lot of Republicans who are despondent and depressed to the point where they aren’t willing to contribute,” he said. ”They aren’t willing to volunteer, they aren’t willing to run as candidates, and they’re not willing to vote because they’re saying it doesn’t make any difference. We’ve got to get those people back in the game.”

Overall, Brooks said the recent Trump rally ”was great,” and that the former president has overwhelming support in his state.

”All in all, it was a great, great, rally (that was) very appreciative of Donald Trump,” he said. ”He is very well received in the state of Alabama; 45,000 enthusiasts were behind Donald Trump from beginning to end.” 

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