Rep. Scalise: Mayors ‘OK With Mobs’ but Angry With Trump

Rep. Scalise: Mayors ‘OK With Mobs’ but Angry With Trump

It is “unbelievable” that mayors in cities hit with unrest are “OK with the mobs” that are causing the violence, but, in the case of Kenosha, Wisconsin, not with President Donald Trump coming into their city, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said Monday. 

“These mayors have been letting their cities get out of control,” the Louisiana Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “It’s unbelievable they are OK with the mobs, they are angry about President Trump coming into the city, to try to bring some kind of civility but then, you know, they will literally sit by and watch as their cities are being burned down in some cases.”

Trump, who will travel to Kenosha on Tuesday, has been “been very clear from the beginning you can peacefully protest but you can’t go and burn down buildings and attack police officers,” said Scalise.

Meanwhile, Scalise has removed a video tagged by Twitter as containing manipulated media about Democrat nominee Joe Biden and calls to defund police departments. The video was tagged after the words “for police” were added to Biden’s comments. Scalise admitted Tuesday the video shouldn’t have been edited but insisted the words “for police” that were added didn’t change the context of the video, because that was the discussion being held. 

“We sent out the video again, the full video in fact if anybody wants to see it with that full interview,” said Scalise. “Redirecting and defunding the police are the same thing.”

Scalise also on Monday talked about the disaster status in his home state after Hurricane Laura last week. 

“What we see now is the worst disaster that I think Louisiana has ever seen,” he said. “They’re telling us it could be up to four weeks without water. We have no water. We have no electricity. There are no N95 masks for people to get into their homes, to try to save anything that’s left. People are scared to evacuate because of corona. They don’t have money, because of corona.”

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