Rep. Waltz to Newsmax: Xi Telling China to ‘Prepare for War’

Rep. Waltz to Newsmax: Xi Telling China to ‘Prepare for War’

Rep. Mike Waltz told Newsmax that Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing his country for a war against Taiwan as the island crisis continues to escalate.

“He’s telling his country to prepare for war,” the Florida Republican said Thursday on “The Record with Greta Van Susteren.” “He has instructed his military to be ready to not only take Taiwan by force by 2027 but to also be able to deny the United States and our allies the ability to intervene.”

Waltz also emphasized that a Chinese cold war against the West could include manipulating and controlling global supply chains through the country’s Belt and Road initiative.

China produces “90% of our pharmaceuticals. They are trying to buy into our food supply and farmland. They even now produce 90% of the world’s solar panels, wind turbines and lithium for the batteries — and we have the left driving us right into China’s hands,” he stated.

“They plan to … subjugate the world economically way before there’s ever any military conflict, and we’re playing, right now, right into their hands,” he added.

The congressman further laid out China’s “elite capture” policy on Western leaders, specifically calling out President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s family.

“We have the elites in America drunk on Chinese dollars,” Waltz said. “Whether that’s Hunter Biden, the Pelosi family, Wall Street, the NBA, Hollywood, academia, the hundreds of millions that are pouring into university endowments … we’ve got to wake up as a country.”

Waltz then encouraged Americans purchasing “Made in America” not only to view it as a jobs issue, but as a national security one as well, adding that his “call to action” is “when you see ‘Made in China,’ put it down.”


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