Retired Army Capt. Sam Brown to Newsmax: Twitter Censorship ‘Unacceptable’

Retired Army Capt. Sam Brown to Newsmax: Twitter Censorship ‘Unacceptable’

Retired U.S. Army Capt. Sam Brown said Friday on Newsmax that Twitter censored his Fourth of July tweet, where he stood at the front of soldiers saluting the flag, showing the scars he received after being horrifically burned while serving in Afghanistan.

”I posted a tweet of me in uniform saluting the American flag. You know what Twitter’s response was, just a few hours after I declared to be a U.S. Senate candidate? They censored it,” Brown, a Republican who is running for the Senate in Nevada, said on “Greg Kelly Reports.” ”It leaves me to be wondering, what is Twitter censoring? Are they censoring the scars of a wounded veteran? Or are they censoring the fact that there is a picture of a soldier saluting the flag? Or could it be that it is related to the fact that I’m now a candidate for U.S. Senate, running against an incumbent Democrat. Regardless of what their answer is, it’s unacceptable.”

Brown was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 and was conducting a security patrol in Kandahar when he and his unit began receiving direct fire, a story about Brown said on the Army website.

As he entered the engagement area to help fellow soldiers in Humvees in front of him, he was struck by an improvised explosive device, suffering third-degree burns to 30% of his body. He also lost an index finger.

“It was crazy for about the next 15 or 20 minutes,” he said in the story. ”You know, the 1151 (Humvee) is on fire, I’m on fire.”

He was evacuated back to the United States and underwent some 15 surgeries and was eventually retired from the military in 2011.

After returning home, Brown has married and settled down, but now said he feels the need to run for office because the American people are ”being crushed” by the political elites.

After posting his tweet, which received thousands of views, likes and retweets, Twitter put a warning on the post saying it included ”potentially sensitive content,” making readers click a ”view” button to see it.

Brown said that he had posted images of his injured face and hands before announcing his Senate bid without any problem and speculated that the reason for the social media company’s action was  a political one.

”This is the type of thing that we’ve seen Twitter do. By even de-platforming [former] President [Donald] Trump while he was sitting in the White House. This is unacceptable,” he said. ”They’ve already started censoring me. They have censored the American people. The American people are crushed by the elites who do not share their values, and so it’s time for folks like me to stand up and be a voice, to be a champion for those people.”

As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Brown said the United States should have left the nation ”years ago,’ due to ”bad decisions” through many presidential cycles, and the hasty withdrawal now is not being done correctly.

”This is a tragedy that we’ve. Have allowed this to just drag on and on, and on, and frankly, the situation is deteriorated,” he said.

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