RFK Jr. Open To Libertarian Party Run

RFK Jr. Open To Libertarian Party Run

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he is open to joining with the Libertarian Party as he races to get on the ballot in all 50 states before the November election.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish pressed Kennedy during an interview that aired on Saturday whether it was possible that he would seek to be the Libertarian candidate as it would assure him of getting on the ballot across the board.

“That’s something that we’re looking at. We have a really good relationship with Libertarian Party,” Kennedy said, adding that he expects to speak at the California Libertarian Party convention in the coming weeks and may also deliver remarks in New York.

Kennedy also voiced optimism in regards to his signature-gathering campaign and said his recently-announced effort to file paperwork to establish a new political party in several states, including North Carolina and Texas, gives him “an advantage” in lowering the threshold for ballot access.

The nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy initially entered the 2024 contest seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination, but he switched to an independent run after raising complaints about how the Democrats have conducted their election process, including a lack of debates.

Some polls show Kennedy getting double-digit support in a match-up against President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, which comes as surveys find voters are not enthusiastic about a 2020 rematch.

Smerconish played audio of Angela McArdle, the head of the Libertarian Party, talking positively on his radio show about Kennedy.


“We’ve had a lot of good conversations and we’re on good terms. And I respect his decision to want to go independent. Though libertarians really admire the strong position he took against mandates and lockdowns, and so we’re going to stay on friendly terms and see what happens,” she said.

The host urged Kennedy to “make some news” as he posited that McArdle appeared to be welcoming him to ask for the Libertarian Party’s ballot position.

“Yea. Well, we are talking to the Libertarian Party and I feel very comfortable with most of the values of Libertarian Party. And you know, we — like I say, we have good relationships. I’m talking regularly to Libertarian groups. So, we’ll continue to do those talks,” Kennedy said. “I can’t give you a headline news story today, Michael. I’m sorry.”


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