Ruth Bader Ginsburg And The Brewing SCOTUS Battle

Ruth Bader Ginsburg And The Brewing SCOTUS Battle

“This was already an election cycle that included a pandemic. That included a recession that included historic widespread racial unrest and violence in our nation’s cities and on our streets, and of course you layer all of that on top of the already existing craziness of the Trump presidency. And you have where we are right now. On this day, facing a confirmation battle in the election season of Donald Trump’s first term,” Jashinsky noted.

Democrats and their media allies spun baseless accusations to fight against the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Pending Trump’s third nomination to the Court, Zempel believes nothing has changed.

“The Democrats in the media just continue to show that they have no limiting principle,” Zempel explained. “They continue to show that they’re willing to stretch the truth and smear figures at all costs.”

“It’s not just Supreme Court nominations where the media just continue to demonstrate their malfeasance. I don’t think that they’ve learned their lesson,” she added. 

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