Scott Pelley Has to Help Him Finish Sentence, Says President ‘Tired’ – RedState

Scott Pelley Has to Help Him Finish Sentence, Says President ‘Tired’ – RedState

I wrote earlier about a couple of the teaser clips from the “60 Minutes” interview with Joe Biden.

Those were bad, but the complete interview was even worse. 

First, we should note that there was a little bit of water-carrying for Joe Biden with host Scott Pelley saying that the president was fitting them into his busy schedule on Thursday. 

Biden had his 10 a.m. daily briefing and a 4:30 meeting where he just had to sit and listen to CEOs, how is that busy? Maybe it’s “busy” for an 80-year-old who has so many issues. But that’s why he shouldn’t even be there. 

Biden seemed completely at sea throughout the interview, and so old. 

Pelley asked if he could foresee U.S. troops involved in the Israeli war. Notice his answer: it wasn’t “no.”

It was “I don’t think it’s necessary” because “Israel has one of the finest fighting forces in the country.” Um, Joe? Israel is its own country, it’s not part of the U.S., what are you even saying here? In what country?

Then he threw Israel under the bus with this confusing remark, saying they should not reoccupy Gaza, that he thought that would be a “big mistake.” Funny, that’s just what Iran was hoping Joe would say, and there he is right on cue. You can see him struggling to answer this question. 

Pelley asks what was his message to “Hezbollah and its backer Iran.” Biden’s response wouldn’t exactly send fear down any bad actor’s back, and Pelley even had to finish his thought for him. 

I’m sure Iran is quaking in their boots right now. 

But heck, Biden — even now — is still giving them a pass. Listen to this ridiculous response from Biden which echoes what Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said. 

He’s saying there’s no “clear evidence of that.” He’s saying they support Hamas financially, but it’s not clear what they knew when. This is quibbling to give them a pass and to deflect from the money and deals that Biden made with Iran. The fact that he’s saying this makes him look ignorant and has to have Iran laughing in response. Yeah, Joe, they just gave them money that you may have helped enable. The Iranian foreign minister met with the leader of Hamas on Saturday and embraced him for no reason, right? 

Pelley then asked him about some of the other issues, including Ukraine. Biden said that we didn’t want to get sucked into another war in Europe. 

But by funneling all of our money there, with no end in sight, it is dragging us into another war. It’s the exact opposite of what he’s saying. 

He then smeared millions of Americans who support former President Donald Trump. 

“MAGA Republicans,” Biden said. “They don’t look at democracy the same way as you and I look at democracy.” 

He’s right about that. Democrats have gone completely radical around the bend, and yes, MAGA people — who support a constitutional republic and not a Biden kingship — don’t agree with how that’s torn the country apart and a lot of that is on Joe Biden. 

But notice something else in that video. There’s an interesting jump cut right as he’s asked that question. He says, “Look,” and looks down, then it cuts out and comes back in. I’m curious as to why they did that and what they clipped out there. We’ve seen him phase out in interviews in the past. What happened at this point that “60 Minutes” took out? 

Then he said he wanted to run again because of the opportunities to help in the Middle East and Europe. How’s that been going for him? 

By the way, you run to be the leader of this country, not the world’s policeman. Notice how his response didn’t deal with anything about America. 

But even though they seemed to carry water for Biden and who knows what they cut out in that jump cut, even Pelley had to admit that Biden seemed “tired” trying to do the job. 

Now, I don’t think for a minute that Biden is “directing all of this” — he’s getting directed by his staff. But even CBS is now throwing him under the bus by questioning his age and ability to do the job. You know how bad the interview truly was when that’s the takeaway.

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