Sen. Cotton: China, Not Russia United States’ Main Threat

Sen. Cotton: China, Not Russia United States’ Main Threat

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is wrong with his claims that Russia poses the main threat to the United States, but President Donald Trump is correct by saying China poses the greater threat, Sen. Tom Cotton said Monday. 

“There is no question that China is the number-one threat that the United States faces,” the Arkansas Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” while commenting on answers the candidates gave on CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday. “They have stolen our jobs and our factories for decades. They continue to steal our property. They have spies at our universities and all around the country. And, of course, their military build-up is specifically designed to threaten our interest and our allies in the western Pacific.”

Russia does still pose a threat, Cotton said, but Trump has taken action to increase NATO defense spending, withdraw from obsolete treaties that put the United States at a disadvantage, and send their spies back.

Biden during the weekend also blamed the reports concerning findings on a laptop purportedly belonging to his son Hunter on a Russian disinformation campaign, which Cotton dismissed as a “joke” that “couldn’t be more false.”

“They have no evidence whatsoever to suggest that these emails or documents came from Russia,” he said. “The simplest explanation for these things is usually the correct explanation. Those emails came from Hunter Biden’s laptop that he took to a computer shop in Delaware and he left there. Disinformation or misinformation implies there is false information. As far as we know, Joe Biden has not denied any of this.”

Meanwhile, Biden is planning a commission to examine the nation’s courts, and Democrats are calling to pack the Supreme Court because they don’t want “something as meddlesome as the Supreme Court and the rule of law standing in their way” on the matters of agenda items like ending fracking or changing immigration laws, said Cotton. 

“They view it as another super-legislature to achieve their desired outcome,” said Cotton. 

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