So Biden Had Aliases Upon Aliases, and the Democrats Still Think There Isn’t a Problem? – RedState

So Biden Had Aliases Upon Aliases, and the Democrats Still Think There Isn’t a Problem? – RedState

At some point, even the Democrats have to admit that there is so much smoke in the room when it comes to the Biden Crime Family allegations that clearly there is a fire.

The scandals involving Hunter Biden, the access his last name gave him, and the fact that his dad has clearly taken part in some way, shape, or form are growing at an incredible rate. The latest involves the National Archives finding more than 5,000 emails where Biden used an alias in his communications. That should send up way more red flags than even the Hillary Clinton private email server. More from my colleague Neil McCabe.

First, NARA said they found nothing. 

After conducting a search of our email system using the emails you provided, we were unable to locate any records responsive to your request. We also searched for any records relating to the preservation of records from the email addresses and were unable to locate any records. Since we do not have records responsive to your request, your request for a fee waiver is moot.  

Second, they said they forwarded the request to the Archive Operations Division or AOD. That office told SLF on June 24, 2022, that, indeed, there was a trove of Biden emails with the three pseudonyms: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] in the June 9, 2022, request.

However, AOD tempered its good news with complications, such as a federal law that requires NARA to clear any release with Biden and current office occupant Vice President Kamala Harris. This means Harris was given access to Biden’s pseudonymized emails more than a year ago.

This is on top of discoveries like bank records showing which Bidens got paid through Hunter’s business dealings, evidence that the former Vice President’s office looped Hunter in on his dad’s travel schedule, and the admission that Joe Biden had dinner and spoke on the phone with Hunter during the latter’s dinners business partners.

There are all sorts of signs that this is indeed a big scandal waiting to blow up the Biden family. Hunter Biden is not a good person. His dad is not a good person. There is something that Republicans appear very close to uncovering, and it’s going to potentially come to light right as the President is trying to convince America he’s still the best guy for the job.

The Democrats have a real problem on their hands right now: Their President is deeply unpopular, is not really trusted by the American public at this point, and has a potentially explosive family scandal that will be very hard to ignore much longer. But the problem is much deeper than all that for Joe and Hunter Biden, because the former has made a very big mistake.

He let his Department of Justice indict his political opponent while that opponent was running for his job.

It cannot be understated just how much of a mistake it was for the Democratic Party to have opened the door like this. Let’s say Donald Trump does win the primary and wins the general election. Joe Biden has better have the best lawyers in the country and Hunter Biden had better get a house in a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty because there is nothing to stop a vengeful guy like Trump from going after the Democrats this time. He gave up on the Clinton email scandal, but Biden has taken his personal grudge against Trump so far that the Republican Party will see no reason not to retaliate.

Forget posthumous impeachment. There will be politically-motivated criminal trials on a nonstop basis when all this dust settles.

The Democrats have a massive problem here. Honestly, their best option is to send the president into retirement and find a replacement. But who in the hell is going to replace him?

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