Steve Cortes to Newsmax TV: Trump Expanded the Republican Party

Steve Cortes to Newsmax TV: Trump Expanded the Republican Party

Despite the angst of Republicans amid President Donald Trump’s leaving office and the black eye of the storming of the Capitol, take solace in the fact the grand, old party has expanded, according to Trump campaign strategist Steve Cortes on Newsmax TV.

“I think this is the most optimistic aspect of what President Trump has done,” Cortes told Saturday’s “The Count.” “I know a lot of the supporters out there, a lot of the deplorables, are understandably angst-ridden right now because of recent events in our country.

“But a key reason to be optimistic is the GOP, the Republican Party, has been – largely because of the leadership of President Trump – transformed into truly a worker’s party.”

Cortes, who focused his efforts on bringing out the Hispanic vote for Trump, pointed to gains in a number of voting blocs to host Tom Basile.

“This worker’s movement can continue to grow, can continue to grow power and influence in the United States,” Cortes said. “This most critical next step for that movement is going to be 2022, because we made tremendous gains in the House of Representatives on Nov. 3, far better than any of the critics could have imagined.

“And I believe we are poised to take over the House, and not just with Republicans, but America first, economic nationalist Republicans.”

Cortes noted Trump will remain active and assert his “star power” in helping the party regain congressional control over the next two and four years.

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