The ‘Biden Docs, The Menu, and Goodbye Hollywood Bail Fund’ Edition – RedState

The ‘Biden Docs, The Menu, and Goodbye Hollywood Bail Fund’ Edition – RedState

There was no way to avoid talking about the Biden document scandal. The last several years have been one Scandal of the Century of the Week (to outright steal from Stephen Colbert), but this one — in which the sitting president of the United States was found to have classified documents from his years as Vice President scattered around at his residences and a shady, Chinese-funded think tank in Washington, DC — is, despite media attempts to ignore it, without question, the worst.

Primarily because it’s true. Not manufactured for outrage like Russia collusion, nor massaged and messaged to death like the current gas price game of pong (just felt like dating myself).

And it’s all very likely — although officially allegedly — tied into the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that the sitting president’s handlers worked hard to bury before the election and have had the absolute horror of having to answer for now thanks to the Twitter Files.

At least, Jim Comer, new Republican leader of the House Oversight Committee, thinks it is. I wrote about it at Townhall yesterday.

The Penn Biden Center, located in Washington, DC, but part of the University of Pennsylvania, is where the first classified documents were found and tells only one part of a larger story of years-long Chinese infiltration of American institutions.

On that front, China has been busy. They’ve been involved in setting up secret police stations in New York and LA, engaging in massive land buys in rural states, purchasing defunct and failing American college campuses, rolling out Confucius Institutes in colleges and k-12 schools, collecting user data on pervasive social media apps, seeking telecom dominance, moving fentanyl across the Southern border, and “gifting” millions to universities and policy-oriented think tanks. These things are documented, and are only what we know now. There could be – and likely will be — more to come.

Less understood is the Biden family’s role in helping China succeed in some of their endeavors, although that part of the story promises to play out over the next couple of years as the Oversight Committee begins its investigation. Rep James Comer(R-KY), new head of the committee, had been busy on this front even before his party won the House.

It’s a pretty easy guess why it looks as if Biden’s defenders are defecting — and why the legacy media is being forced to cover the stories they pretended didn’t exist before. Because the task of presenting Biden, and his family, as something less corrupt than they are has become insurmountable.

It remains to be seen how much the American public will eventually learn about the man in the Oval Office, and about the machine that put him there. But one thing is almost certainly guaranteed: the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, and the related investigations that grow out of it, are sure to cover a broad swath of the the political landscape and to shake the foundations of this nation to its core.

What we do about that will determine the kind of future we have.

I talk about that today on the show, and cover the fascinating “The Menu” (trailer below) and the death of the Hollywood Bail Fund.


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