The Right Does Not Reject Violence — ‘In Some Instances, They Cheer It’

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said Tuesday on her show “Deadline” that the right does not reject violence, added, “in some instances, they cheer it.”

Wallace said, “I guess the broader landscape also includes this when Paul Pelosi was attacked, Elon Musk and Donald Trump, two Republicans or conservatives or whoever wants to claim them today with the biggest megaphones perpetuated conspiracy theories about both Paul Pelosi and the nature of the brutal attack against him, which was an assassination attempt against Speaker Pelosi who was in the presidential line of succession. When Congressman Scalise was tragically shot and wounded, and I remember this at the time, and I’ve gone back and checked, there was universal condemnation of political violence and a genuine rejection of anyone who would resort to violence. That doesn’t happen on the right, full stop. They do not reject violence. In some instances, they cheer it. In many, they instigate it.”

She added, “Garrett made the point of this sort of axis of danger, if you will, an affinity for the Second Amendment and the collection and hoarding of guns, an affinity for conspiracy theories, a belief in adherence to election denialism. And what Eddie is getting at that our political opponents aren’t people with whom we disagree on the national defense or economic policy, but they are our mortal enemies.”

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