Trump Adviser: President Will Give Biden More Time to Talk at Debate

Trump Adviser: President Will Give Biden More Time to Talk at Debate

President Donald Trump will give Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden more time to talk during the next presidential debate, says Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller.

The second and final debate will take place Thursday in Nashville, Tenn.

“When you talk about style, and you talk about approach, I do think that President Trump is going to give Joe Biden a little bit more room to explain himself on some of these issues,” Miller told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to son Hunter Biden’s emails and court-packing.

“I do think the president’s going to want to hear Joe Biden’s answer on some of these and will definitely give all the time that Joe Biden wants to talk about packing the court, I think he’s going to get it on Thursday.”

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Sunday said the president would be “pivoting” in the final days of the election to focus more on the economy.

“I think this upcoming debate is going to be really important, that the president is … likable, fun, have a good time,” Priebus told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“Let Joe Biden speak, and let Joe Biden defend the Obama economy.”

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