Trump Claims GOP Supporters Made Up Online Campaign Financing Shortfall

Trump Claims GOP Supporters Made Up Online Campaign Financing Shortfall

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that his supporters helped Republicans take over the campaign finance lead in giving online.

“In addition to the record-breaking money raised over the last six months to my political affiliates, I am pleased to see the entire party benefit from ‘Trump,’” the former president said in a statement Monday. “By using my name and likeness through many of their efforts, the Republican National Committee raised $84 million, the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $51.2 million, and the National Republican Congressional Committee raised $79.2 million. Nearly $296.4 million in support of Trump! The Republican Party is unified behind Trump and the patriots continue to fuel this movement. Thank you, America!” 

According to the Federal Election Commission, the Republican National Committee took in $84,994,441.82 from Jan. 1 to June 30.

The numbers for the other two senatorial and congressional committees could not be verified on the commission’s website.

But the numbers cited by the former president fall in line with a report by NBC News Monday that said Republicans have caught up to Democrats in small, online donations, an area dominated by Democrats since the inception of the Internet in the 1990s.

“This is the harvest of the seeds of digital infrastructure Republicans have been planting for years,” Matt Gorman, a GOP strategist who worked for the party’s congressional campaign arm during the last midterm election told NBC. “That’s why you’re seeing things like freshman members of the House raising over $1 million (in a single quarter). In 2018, we were begging folks to raise a fifth of that.”

For years, and especially during the campaigns of Barack Obama and, more recently, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Democrats have trumpeted the small donations as truly being from “the people” instead of the large corporate and lobbyist contributions that make many average voters bristle but are needed to win most elections at the federal level.

According to the NBC report, the National Republican Congressional Committee raised $77.65 in donations in the second quarter, mostly from donations of $200 or less, compared to the Democrats $77.7 million in similar donations.

“Republicans would always lose small-dollar donations. Now we win, or do very well, because we are the Party of Working Americans, and we beat the Democrats at their own game,” Trump said in April. “We learned from liberal ActBlue — and now we’re better than they are!”

The GOP version, WinRed, launched in 2019, and has raised $2.3 billion for GOP candidates since going live online.

The level fundraising is important for both parties as the 2022 midterm elections loom on the horizon, with Democrats having only a handful majority in the House and are tied 50-50 with the GOP in the Senate.


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