Trump: Dems ‘Corrupting, Weaponizing’ Law Against ‘Political Opponents’

Trump: Dems ‘Corrupting, Weaponizing’ Law Against ‘Political Opponents’

Rebuking political prosecutions in New York while criminals run rampant in Democrat-run cities across America, former President Donald Trump called it “a disgrace to our nation” and “really an atrocious abuse of power.”

“Even while the Democrat extremists let murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and dangerous criminals run wild in Democrat cities, they’re corrupting and weaponizing the law against their political opponents,” Trump told his Save America rally in Sarasota, Florida, on Saturday night, which aired live on Newsmax. “Oh, gee, I’m so surprised.

“Radical left New York City and state prosecutors who have allowed crime to skyrocket to – we have never seen anything like what’s happened – record levels. Record murders up a percentage that’s not even possible, and outrageously and shamefully continuing the greatest witch hunt. That’s what they do. They go and target me. They target.

“I’ve been targeted since I came down the escalator.”

Trump rehashed the U.S. taxpayer spending of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation that turned up no evidence of collusion.

“Remember Mueller, the 18 angry Democrats, remember that?” Trump said. “They had more resources. They spent $48 million and in the end, they said, ‘There was no collusion.’

“I couldn’t believe they came up with that. A friend of mine said, ‘You have to be the cleanest guy in history.'”

Trump slammed the Democrats in New York who ran campaigns on the goal to “get Trump.”

“This is the kind of persecution that they’re doing – as an example in New York, and they’re doing it all over – that you would see in a third-world nation,” Trump said. “This isn’t for us. It’s reminiscent of a communist dictatorship targeting your political opponents for real.

“It really is,” he continued. “Think of it. Prosecution – they prosecute people, good people, fabulous people, people that love our country, honest people – fabricating charges to try and silence them, abusing the justice system and leaking out information on a daily basis and to the press to engage in flagrant character assassination.

“It’s unprecedented, unheard of, and totally unacceptable in America for prosecutors to run for office on a promise to get their political enemies – even if they’ve committed no crimes, no problems.”

Trump called it “fascist and authoritarian.”

“The people who talk about democracy are literally destroying it before our very eyes,” he continued. “Nobody can believe the things that we’re witnessing.”

And, added it is “prosecutorial misconduct.”

“Four years of searching dozens and dozens of interviews and millions and millions of dollars spent of taxpayer funds all wasted,” he said. “The radical left continues to search for a crime and wreck lives, break laws, violate every principle of justice, fairness and liberty.

“You see it, you see it on a constant basis. It’s really called prosecutorial misconduct. It’s a terrible, terrible thing. There’s no depth to which the radical left will not sink to stop our make America great again movement.”

Trump pointed to the charges against Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg on Thursday.

“They go after good, hardworking people for not paying taxes on a company car,” he said. “You didn’t pay tax on the car, or a company apartment.

“They indict people for that,” he continued, “but for murder and for selling massive amounts of the worst drugs in the world, kill people left and right, that’s O.K.”

Trump called it going after his employee for “fringe benefits.”

“Murders, O.K., human trafficking, no problem, but fringe benefits,” Trump said. “You can’t do that.

“Every abuse and attack they throw my way is solely because I have been fighting for you against the corrupt establishment. That’s all it is.”

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