Trump Lawsuit: Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Abuses Affected 220K Votes

Trump Lawsuit: Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Abuses Affected 220K Votes

President Donald Trump’s campaign will file a lawsuit to the Wisconsin Supreme Court Tuesday morning claiming the absentee voting process was abused in the state and affected approximately 220,000 ballots. 

The lawsuit comes after the state completed its partial recount and after Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Monday night formally certified Joe Biden as the state’s winner, reports Fox News

The legal team in Wisconsin, led by former Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Jim Troupis, said the recount gave the campaign a “unique ability” to examine ballots. 

Troupis said the state’s electoral votes “likely won’t change the overall outcome,” but “exposing exactly how the election processes were abused in Wisconsin holds enormous value for this election beyond a victory for President Trump. Regardless, we’re demonstrating that the results of this election unequivocally ought to be questioned.”

In the lawsuit, the campaign complains that officials on the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the city clerks of Milwaukee and Madison “willfully disregarded the current statute and made conscious efforts to circumvent Wisconsin election law.” 

This resulted in tens of thousands of votes cast “well outside of the bounds of Wisconsin law,” the campaign further claims. 

The lawsuit also claims that the law was violated several times through altered certification of absentee ballot envelopes, voting events called “Democracy in the Park” where ballots were accepted, a lack of required absentee ballot applications, and unlawful claims of indefinite confinement.

In the legal action, the campaign claims election officials accepted ballots without a required absentee application on file, even though the state’s law requires that request forms be submitted before a voter can cast an absentee ballot, and such ballots must “be called into question.”

The campaign also pointed to a state law requiring ballots to be returned to voters to correct and resubmit if they are filled out incorrectly, have missing information, or are damaged, saying that municipal clerks were “illegally altering ballot envelopes themselves.”

The suit further claims voters were allowed to circumvent voter ID laws by claiming an absentee voting status that was only to be used by people who are indefinitely confined. Democrat election officials in March had told voters they could claim the status because of the coronavirus pandemic, the campaign says, but that was struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. However, the number of people saying they were confined indefinitely jumped by almost 600% in Dane County and 500% in Milwaukee County. 

Evers, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, and the Biden campaign did not immediately responded to Fox News’ request for comment. 

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