Trump Support Among ‘Non-Whites’ Up

Trump Support Among ‘Non-Whites’ Up

President Donald Trump appears to be polling better with Blacks and Hispanics than he did in pre-election surveys in 2016, Cook Political Report editor David Wasserman told MSNBC on Thursday.

“The silver lining for Donald Trump, here, is that he’s doing better with non-whites than he was doing in 2016,” Wasserman said during a panel discussion, according to Mediaite. “He’s winning on average 9% of the Black vote in these polls compared to 5% in his pre-election polls in 2016.

“And the Hispanic vote, Joe Biden is ahead 56% to 31%. The final polls in 2016, Hillary Clinton was up 61% to 23%. So, that’s a pretty decent number for Trump among Hispanics that I think is attributable to traditional Republican, Hispanic voters, including, potentially, Cubans, coming back to the Republican fold.”

Wasserman said he based his analysis from averaging “eight major live-interview polls . . . in mid-to-late August versus the same polls in June or July.”

Conversely, Wasserman said Trump is not doing as well with older white voters, which is helping Biden in Florida and Arizona.

“On the current trajectory, Biden has outstanding chances to flip traditionally GOP-leaning states like Arizona, Florida and perhaps even Georgia and Texas,” Wasserman wrote on the Cook Political Report’s website. “But if he were to fail to effectively counter Trump’s appeals to working-class whites, Minnesota and Wisconsin could turn into the next Iowa and Ohio.”

Minnesota has not voted for a Republican for president since 1972 while Texas has not voted for a Democrat since 1976.

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