Trump to Plot Strategy Forward for GOP, Former Adviser Says

Trump to Plot Strategy Forward for GOP, Former Adviser Says

Former President Donald Trump will plot a strategy forward for the Republican Party during his upcoming speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference while pointing out he predicted some of the consequences of a Biden presidency, former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said Thursday.

“Where I think there’s a real hunger for on the Republican side of the aisle is . . . what’s next?” Miller said on Sirius XM satellite radio. “Where do we go from here as a party? Obviously we’re not in control of the House or the Senate or the White House right now.

“How do we go and get that back? Who’s going to be the natural leader of that? What are we going to base that around? That’s really what this speech is about, and I think it’s going to be clear coming out of it.”

Trump is scheduled to make his first major public appearance since leaving the White House on Sunday at CPAC, an annual gathering of political conservatives, usually held in the D.C. suburbs but moved this year to Orlando.

“We’re in a very unique dynamic now where it’s a former president who many folks are talking about could there be a potential return,” Miller said. “Could he run again in the future? We haven’t had a former president have this much excitement surrounding a first post-presidential speech in, probably, over a century. So, I think you’re going to see the president come out . . . [and] take some strong issue with the direction that Joe Biden has been leading over this past month or so.”

Biden has issued a number of executive orders in less than two months, sparking lawsuits and even court orders to halt them, such as the moratorium on deportation of illegal immigrants.

“The focus here, really, is the exact things the president predicted would happen if Joe Biden were to be elected president, on the policy end, have already started to happen,” Miller said.

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