Trump VA Head Wilkie to Newsmax: Biden ‘Out of Touch’ On Foreign Policy

Trump VA Head Wilkie to Newsmax: Biden ‘Out of Touch’ On Foreign Policy

Former President Trump’s Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie told Newsmax Friday that President Joe Biden is “out of touch” on matters of foreign policy and has become an “embarrassment” on the world stage.

“[Biden] is so out of touch that he intends to reward the president of Mexico with a state visit in the upcoming two months, while the president of Mexico turns his back on the president of the United States,” Wilkie said during “Stinchfield” Friday.

“Biden doesn’t even understand the power that we have. We have over $2 trillion in trade with Central and South America. The Chinese ‘Belt [and] Road Initiative’ [amounts] to about $17 billion, but they fear the Chinese more than they fear the president of United States.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced Monday that he would not attend Biden’s Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California, because Biden would not invite delegations from authoritarian nations in the hemisphere, including Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, The Washington Post reported.

“It is important to acknowledge that there are a range of views on this question in our hemisphere, as there are in the United States,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “The president’s principled position is that we do not believe that dictators should be invited, which is the reason that the [Mexican] president has decided not to attend.”

Instead, she said Obrador would come to meet directly with Biden at the White House in July.

The forum, which started Monday, is designed for Central and South American leaders to meet with the United States to discuss “economic and general goals,” according to the report.

“The Monroe Doctrine kept foreigners out [of the hemisphere],” Wilkie said. “We now see under this president that Latin American countries, three of which that I named Ronald Reagan saved from communism, are now turning to China.”

According to the Post, the United States is hosting the forum for the first time since its inception in 1994 and controlled the list of those invited to attend.

Jean-Pierre told the Post that 68 delegations and 23 heads of government were expected to attend the event.

“Our attendance is going to be on par with what we’ve had in the past,” she told the Post. “Yes, we’re going to have these couple of countries that are not attending, but [Biden] believes that he needs to stick by his principles.”


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