Trump Weakening Biden by Predicting He Won’t be Nominee

Trump Weakening Biden by Predicting He Won’t be Nominee

Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle sees former President Donald Trump’s prediction that President Joe Biden will not be the Democrat presidential nominee as both a “plausible scenario” and a mechanism to weaken and undermine Biden. 

During his appearance on America First on Friday, host and former Trump strategist Dr. Sebastian Gorka asked Boyle about the 45th president’s prediction, which came during an exclusive interview between Trump, Boyle, and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Thursday. 

“Well, look, I think it’s certainly possible,” Boyle said, adding:

I also think he’s trying to weaken Biden. By throwing this out there as a possibility, and talking about it reminds me a lot of – I remember I did an interview with Trump at Trump Tower back in, I think it was like September or October 2015 and we were talking about Hillary, and he was saying because of all of Hillary’s problems with all the investigations she was under and everything that he thought then that Joe Biden was going to come out of nowhere and run against her and supplant her and beat her.

As Boyle pointed out, Trump made a similar prediction in August 2015, saying that Clinton’s email server scandal would ultimately be a downfall that would prevent her from running for president. 

DES MOINES, IA – Democratic Nominee for President of the United States former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets and speaks to Iowa voters during a rally at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa fro a rally Friday October 28, 2016. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

“It just looks like Hillary is going to not be able to run. It looks to me like that’s what’s going to happen,” Trump told Breitbart News at the time. Trump also said, “I think so,” when asked if he expected Biden could potentially be the nominee in the 2015 interview. 

Of course, Clinton went on to win the nomination, and Trump went on to trounce her on his way to 306 electoral votes and a general election victory. 

“He’s done this move before, so it might not actually play out that way,” Boyle told Gorka on Friday. 

He added:

It’s a political move and so Trump is weakening his opponent by throwing out an entirely plausible scenario… Obviously Joe Biden’s weak on the Democrat side; even Democrats don’t like Joe Biden. Even rank and file Democrat union members out there around the country, that’s a big part of the interview.

He noted to Gorka that Trump put an emphasis on Democrats’ weakening coalition – especially among black voters and union workers. 

President Trump was talking about the coalition that the Democrats have, and it’s weak; they’re losing people… He said that he thinks that African American voters are moving his way and union workers and it’s cutting into the Democrat coalition that gives the Democrats an inherent edge in any national election. And so things are looking up for President Trump, no doubt, but I do think that this move that he’s offering this up as a scenario is twofold. First off, it’s an actually plausible scenario but it’s also he’s trying to undercut Joe Biden in the eyes of all Americans—Republican, Democrat, Independent, doesn’t matter what, socialists, right—everybody should be questioning whether Joe Biden should be the Democratic nominee because clearly he is not up to the job.

In the second article from the interview, Trump told Marlow and Boyle, “I think if I don’t win, we’re going to have a depression like 1929.” More from the interview is forthcoming.

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