Trump’s ‘Save America’ Releases Litany Of Biden’s ‘Cascading Domestic Catastrophes’ In First Year In Office

Trump’s ‘Save America’ Releases Litany Of Biden’s ‘Cascading Domestic Catastrophes’ In First Year In Office

Former President Donald Trump’s website, Save America, released a blistering review of President Joe Biden’s first year in office late Wednesday evening, slamming the president for a series of “cascading catastrophes.”

“In one year, Biden has caused a border crisis, an energy crisis, an inflation crisis, a labor crisis, a supply chain crisis, and a violent crime crisis—all while pushing the most radical left-wing agenda in history,” Save America states.

Save America also labeled Biden the most “anti-worker, anti-family, anti-America president ever,” before delving into the dozens of reasons why.

“Joe Biden inherited the most secure border in history, the fastest economic recovery on record, historically low gas prices, hard-won American Energy Independence, a domestic manufacturing renaissance, and a nation poised to flourish like never before—all thanks to the America-First agenda of President Trump,” Save America proclaimed.

“It took less than 12 months for Biden and the extremists in his party to turn it all into crisis, chaos, misery, and woe,” it added. “It’s no wonder Biden is ending his first year with his approval ratings tanking to an all-time record low.”

It continued, claiming that even the media “cannot cover up his dismal record of unrelenting failure”:

Inflation is the highest in nearly 40 years—decimating the wages and incomes of hardworking Americans.

Gas prices have risen nearly 50% from one year ago.

America’s southern border is GONE—with 2+ million illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. this year—the most ever recorded by far.

Democrat-run cities across the country are hitting ALL-TIME HIGHS in murders and violent crime.

Mass smash-and-grab robberies and lootings are taking place in cities and suburbs nationwide.

Biden is pushing $5+ TRILLION in socialist spending bills crammed with nation-wrecking left-wing lunacy.

Biden’s Radical Democrat Party is forcing CRT into our children’s schools, shoving male athletes onto women’s sports teams, pushing woke racism into our military, tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson, desecrating our history, dismantling basic election-integrity measures, and breaking decades of precedent to use taxpayer dollars to fund late-term abortion and infanticide.

“It’s all happening exactly as President Trump predicted. Joe Biden is a disaster,” Save America proclaimed.

The review goes on for more than 4,00 words total, hitting on nearly every topic facing Americans today. It concludes that “no president in American history has ever caused so much damage in so short a time. The Biden administration is a national disgrace.”

Polls indicate that many Americans might agree with Save America’s brutal assessment.

Recently, The Daily Wire reported that just 22% of Americans would like to see Biden run for office again. Likewise, the current president even has worse economic ratings than Jimmy Carter, historically known as one of the worst presidents to ever hold office.


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