Tucker Mocks Media Meltdown, Delivers Narrative-Busting Interview – RedState

Tucker Mocks Media Meltdown, Delivers Narrative-Busting Interview – RedState

Tucker Carlson is not wilting in the face of Democrats losing their mind over his Jan. 6 video coverage.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer even tried to go after him, by calling on Rupert Murdoch to stop the Jan. 6 coverage. Can we say panicked? It sure looks like it.

But it doesn’t look like Murdoch or Carlson are folding on the issue. Carlson was back with more coverage on Tuesday evening and not only wasn’t he stopping, but he was also laughing at the panic of the Democrats and the media who were losing total control of the narrative. “What you’re hearing is panic and fear,” Carlson said. “A hurt dog barks. But it’s still pretty funny.” When you have Ken Burns’ mania claiming Tucker was being both Nazi and Soviet, you know they’re truly losing it.

But Carlson went on to respond to Schumer’s threats against Fox, calling to shut Carlson down. Chuck Schumer said that letting people see the truth — the video of what happened — was a “threat to democracy.” Anything that threatens the Democratic narrative must be “squelched,” Carlson said.

Schumer doesn’t care about the bizarre contradiction of claiming he’s fighting for democracy while trying to suppress speech. Those videos are causing “hysteria,” Tucker said because they’re a threat to that narrative that Schumer and the Democrats have been peddling for more than two years. What were they trying to protect with these lies? Carlson asked.

Tucker also wryly noted that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke out against his coverage which went to prove they were “on the same side,” he said.

Additionally, Tucker did a fascinating interview with Tarik Johnson, the former Capitol Police lieutenant who was in charge of securing the safety of the senators that day. Johnson said that they had not been properly prepared or informed about what might happen that day. He said that when hundreds of people started flooding into the building, he called for help from his supervisors as to what to do, but no one responded, so he decided to evacuate the senators on his own.

But he wasn’t rewarded for that initiative to secure the safety of the senators. He later was suspended. Why? Because he wore a Trump hat to help him make it through the crowd to get to other officers that he thought were in trouble and he got help from the Oathkeepers, something else that would fly against the narrative. Johnson heroically went through the crowd and got his comrades out with that intelligent move, as I’ve previously reported. He ended up resigning and losing his pension after serving 22 years.

Meanwhile, Yogananda Pittman, who didn’t respond to Johnson’s desperate calls, was elevated to acting head of the Capitol Police and then got a cushy job in California as the head of the security at UC Berkeley, near Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She said her department “saved democracy” on Jan. 6.

Despite Johnson’s knowledge and position that day, he was never called to testify by the Jan. 6 Committee.

“I prayed almost daily that they would get to me,” he said. “I was never asked by anybody connected to the January 6 Committee to testify. I ask myself why every day.” He said they focused on Donald Trump, and not on the failures of the Capitol Police.

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