Tulsi Gabbard Warns of Dem Threats While Eyeing VP Nod at CPAC

Tulsi Gabbard Warns of Dem Threats While Eyeing VP Nod at CPAC

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii warned at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday that American democracy is facing an existential threat, reported The Washington Examiner.

Gabbard, a U.S. Army Reserve officer and a potential vice-presidential contender in Donald Trump’s camp criticized the Department of Justice’s pursuit of criminal charges against the former president, labeling it an assault on democratic principles.

In her address, Gabbard accused the Democratic Party of using the criminal justice system to undermine Trump’s presidential aspirations, garnering applause and the first standing ovation of the conservative gathering.

She highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating that Democrats “are using our criminal justice system to prosecute and distract the Republican presidential candidate in the midst of his campaign.”

“It’s so egregious that even people who are not fans of Donald Trump are standing up and saying this is crazy,” she added.

Gabbard’s critique of the Democratic establishment aligns with her recent political trajectory. Since departing from Congress and the Democratic Party, she has been a vocal commentator on Fox News, decrying what she perceives as “growing wokeness, racism, and intolerance” within her former party.

She has consistently accused federal agencies like the FBI and the DOJ of partisan targeting, particularly against political adversaries of President Joe Biden.

Trump’s acknowledgment of Gabbard’s potential role as his running mate underscores her shifting allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican camp. Their recent discussions have centered on foreign policy and potential reforms within the Pentagon, reflecting Gabbard’s background as a woman of color and a military veteran with staunch anti-interventionist views.

Despite endorsing Biden in the 2020 presidential race, Gabbard has emerged as a prominent figure in conservative circles, set to headline a fundraising event at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on March 7.

During her CPAC appearance, Gabbard also defended Trump against criticism from fellow Republican and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Dismissing Haley’s claims that Trump is self-serving, Gabbard recounted personal encounters with the former president, emphasizing his genuine appreciation for service members and their sacrifices.

“Now, if you listen to what Nikki Haley has been saying, she claims that President Trump only cares about himself,” Gabbard said as the crowd booed at mentioning Haley’s name.

“I’ve had the chance to meet with him and speak with him at length, and I’ve seen firsthand his heartfelt interactions with friends of mine,” Gabbard said. “I have seen how he has touched their hearts and moved them to tears as he expresses appreciation for their service, their sacrifice — no cameras, no crowds, just that heartfelt conveyance of appreciation.”

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