Unhinged Leftist Voter Has Embarrassing Melt Down When Greeted by GOP Poll Worker – RedState

Unhinged Leftist Voter Has Embarrassing Melt Down When Greeted by GOP Poll Worker – RedState

So it begins.

Tuesday is election day in several cities and states around the country, including here in my home state of Virginia. We are big on off-year elections — it’s always an election year in Virginia! — and, this year, all 140 seats of the General Assembly are at stake. Republicans have a 52-48 majority in the House of Delegates, and Democrats hold the Senate by a 22-17 margin. And every single one of these seats is up for grabs today, so there’s a lot riding on the results. 

Some consider Virginia to be a bellwether state for Joe Biden, with his 2024 fortunes tied to how Democrats perform here. We haven’t truly been a bellwether for some time, as Democrats had a pretty good stranglehold on our federal and state elected positions. All of that changed two years ago when Glenn Youngkin, champion of parental rights, swept to victory, bringing along renewed hopes for the Republican Party. 

Every voter in the commonwealth who’s paid even the slightest bit of attention to this year’s election knows what it’s really all about: abortion. Gobs of mailers, torrents of digital ads, and scads of unwanted text messages beating the same drum: Democrats want more abortions. They want lots and lots of abortions. It is literally all they are running on statewide. 

And, when abortion is on the ballot, leftists lose their minds. That’s exactly what happened today at a polling station in Arlington. This leftist, upon being greeted pleasantly by a GOP poll worker and offered a Republican sample ballot, absolutely lost his mind. Over a greeting.


Here’s the beginning of this maniac’s rant:

“You might have been, as I was walking up to the polling station, you might as well have been putting a gun up to my head and telling me not to vote. You expect me not to take that f&cking personally? You f&cking try to overthrow elections with violence? And then you’re out here amongst decent people?”

He was offered a sample ballot. A sample ballot. Along with a nice greeting.

As he walked away, he turned back around, pointing his finger in the greeter’s face, seething: “You f&cking animal. You try to steal my vote next year, I’m gonna f&cking remember you personally.”

When another voter approached the polling place, the man confronted them, continuing his unhinged rant: “They support lynch mobs and the f&cking KKK. Or they’re f&cking bible-beating bigots and freaks.”

The Republican poll worker who was on the receiving end of this madman’s delusions was Matthew Hurtt, someone I’ve known through conservative activism for over a decade. He is an unfailingly kind person, snappy dresser, and stalwart conservative. In short, I feel confident saying he did nothing to provoke this lunatic.

Hurtt told RedState what happened:

I was at my fourth polling location for the morning handing out Republican sample ballots. I had already talked to the Democratic poll greeters and a few voters when this man approached me. I offered a Republican sample ballot, and he flew into a rage, calling me names, spouting the sort of tropes you hear in the video. Then he went inside to vote. I assumed he would come out afterwards and continue his verbal assault, so I turned on my phone camera and slid it into my shirt pocket. What you see in the video is actually the second exchange.

There are likely to be more insane outbursts today as sad, demented Democrats like the guy in the video realize their radical agenda isn’t embraced by every voter. If pro-life voters have any kind of success today, be on the lookout for more trouble.

If you are a voter in Virginia, you can go here to find your polling place; voting ends at 7 p.m. ET. And always be kind to your friendly neighborhood poll workers — they’re dealing with some real whackos today.


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