WATCH: Media/Anti-Trump People List Things Trump Might Do If He Wins

WATCH: Media/Anti-Trump People List Things Trump Might Do If He Wins

Democrats are at a crossroads when it comes to Joe Biden. If he’s going to pull out for 2024, one would think it has to be soon. If he doesn’t, his numbers right now are awful against former President Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination. Trump’s winning in five of the six swing states, with his lead increasing since July. Even CNN had to admit he was up in Michigan and Georgia by some significant numbers. 

(see New Swing State Polling Show Great News for Trump – Even CNN Admits Biden Is in Big Trouble)

You know the Democrats and the Biden team have to be tearing their hair out behind the scenes that Trump might win. So, it looks like the talking points have gone out. — it’s “Hitler Time” again! Oh, and not only is he going to destroy “democracy,” but he’s going to shoot everyone, too! This is pretty funny. Featuring people like Liz Cheney and Michael Cohen, you know to prepare for some real crazy takes. This is a festival of TDS. 

Cohen claims we’re not going to be able to go to “Canada” because Trump will annex Canada. David Frum suggests that Trump could shoot the First Lady and get away with it. “We’re going to see violence the likes of which we didn’t even see on Jan. 6,” Jennifer Rubin grouses, making a face that was something else. Oh, no, he’ll make himself the Fuhrer, use martial law against the American people, terminate the Constitution, rewrite the Constitution (is that before or after he terminates it?), create mass internment camps, throw everyone into Gitmo, and send people to jail (especially minorities!). 

“None of us is safe,” Lawrence Tribe intones. He might “assassinate generals,” Joe Scarborough says. He will order troops to attack American citizens, his base will try to kill people, and he will “burn the house down. Cheney says he would “unravel the institutions of our democracy.” This could be the end of our “democracy” say those sages, Hillary Clinton and Rob Reiner. 

Oh, and he could destroy the Justice Department, Al Sharpton says. He could arrest political opponents and persecute his political enemies. 

You mean, Trump could do what the Biden DOJ is doing to him right now? He would never leave, they claim. Rachel Maddow says the real point of this ridiculous exercise at the end: they want everyone to get together to stop Trump [because the lawfare hasn’t done the job for them]. 

This is the funniest thing, but it’s also the biggest amount of drivel that I’ve seen in some time. 

They forget we already had four years of Trump where he didn’t do any of that. What did Trump do while he was in office? He secured the border to the benefit of the country and the American people, despite all kinds of effort against him by the Democrats. He pushed lowering taxes, bringing a booming economy. He brought more peace to the Middle East.

 Meanwhile, it’s Biden going after political opponents, ignoring the law when it comes to things like student debt, who’s endangered the country with an open border. Plus we’ve had all kinds of economic and foreign policy failures under Biden The problem for the anti-Trump people is Americans are looking back fondly at the Trump era compared to Biden. 

But these Democrats and media types need to say things like this because they have nothing else except the weak Joe Biden. They need to demonize Trump or any Republican opponent to their base to try to whip them into a frenzy to vote against him, because the base feeling charged up about coming out for Biden is more and more unlikely. 

This mania shows how worried they truly are.

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