Who Should Be Trump’s Running Mate? Cast Your Vote in the Townhall 2024 GOP Veepstakes Poll – Bearing Arms

Who Should Be Trump’s Running Mate? Cast Your Vote in the Townhall 2024 GOP Veepstakes Poll – Bearing Arms

Yes, Nikki Haley is still theoretically in the running, but after the South Carolina primary, it’s abundantly clear that there’s no real pathway for her to become the GOP nominee this year. 

Now that Donald Trump has the GOP nomination all but locked up, the next big question is who will Trump pick as his running mate this year. Mike Pence is a non-starter, but there are any number of contenders, from former GOP primary opponent and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, members of Congress like Elise Stefanik and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. 

The president needs someone with proven Second Amendment credentials, especially since he had a misstep or two during his first term in office; encouraging the ATF to ban bump stocks, for instance, and originally declaring his support for a “red flag” law after Parkland (where he said we should “take the guns first” and worry about due process second). A Trump administration would be undeniably better for our Second Amendment rights than another four years of Joe Biden, but gun owners would be reassured of Trump’s commitment to defending the right to keep and bear arms if his running mate has a track record of protecting our Second Amendment rights on their own as well. 

In the coming weeks, there’ll be plenty of polls asking Republican voters who they believe Trump should pick, but we want to know what our readers here at Bearing Arms think about Trump’s selection. 

To give our readers a chance to make their voices heard, Townhall is launching its 2024 GOP Veepstakes Poll to take the pulse of conservatives and 2A advocates and see where potential candidates stand with our audience as former President Trump considers his options. 

Bearing Arms readers and our loyal VIP members are engaged, informed, and passionate about America’s future and ensuring it is one in which our Second Amendment freedoms are secured for generations to come. While the right to keep and bear arms is nonpartisan, it’s unfortunately mostly conservatives who are fighting to protect those rights, while Democrats are seeking to destroy them. 

Our Second Amendment rights are under sustained assault by the Biden administration; from a weaponized ATF to the Office of Gun Violence Prevention which has given gun control activists a seat at the table in the White House. It’s more important now than ever for the former president to select a running mate who will defend our Second Amendment rights instead of trying to take them away as Kamala Harris has done in her role as the head of Biden’s anti-gun efforts. 

Until President Trump makes his anticipated announcement — Townhall and its sister sites like Bearing Arms are giving our loyal readers the chance to vote for their choice for vice president (one vote per person per 30 days). When you cast your vote, you’ll get an email with the up-to-the-minute results. 

Vote here now.

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