Woke Christmas Tree Farm in Virginia Posts Shameful Antisemitic Message on Welcome Sign – RedState

Woke Christmas Tree Farm in Virginia Posts Shameful Antisemitic Message on Welcome Sign – RedState

From the Leftists Ruin Everything file: A Christmas tree farm in Northern Virginia felt this was the perfect season to blast an antisemitic message to customers and passers-by. Cox Farms, a popular destination for pumpkin pickers and Christmas tree shoppers in the D.C. area, put “Ceasefire Now” on their roadside welcome sign and accentuated the antisemitic display with a wooden watermelon. 

The addition of the watermelon wasn’t some folksy, farm-y touch, it was an obvious wink and a nod to the “from the river to the sea” crowd, who use the watermelon emoji to show their solidarity with Hamas. Nothing says “Let’s celebrate the birth of the Christ child” like an anti-Jewish smear on display to the public. 

The owners of Cox Farm, who clearly faced blowback from the community for their unnecessarily political sign, took to Facebook on Thursday — the day of giving thanks — to double down on their hatred for Israel, explaining that they “are committed to fighting injustice and white supremacy.” If you’re confused, wait until you read the entire message:


If you don’t want to click through, here’s the entire screed:

We have been informed that our sign message reading “Ceasefire Now” is offensive to some people.

To clarify our message:

We believe that we are not free until we are ALL free. Yes, that includes hostages. 

And political prisoners, and people who are undocumented or unhoused, and people living under occupation or colonial rule, and yes, Ukrainians, and yes, Palestinians. 

We are committed to fighting injustice and white supremacy. We will continue to use the small roadside platform we have to “speak truth to traffic,” because we believe that showing solidarity with oppressed people is the right thing to do. We continue to condemn racism and hate, including both antisemitism and anti-Muslim sentiments.

We understand that Judaism comprises a very diverse range of cultures and religious beliefs, and should not be essentialized or conflated with the State of Israel. Demanding that Israel stop indiscriminately and relentlessly bombing Gaza, and the US government stop weapons trade and military support for the occupation of Palestine does not make us antisemitic.

Well, actually, it 100 percent makes you antisemitic. “Ceasefire now” means one thing: Israel must lay down its arms and subject its people to being annihilated by Hamas; this is not open for interpretation. What the owners of Cox Farms are saying through the public display of this disgraceful message is that they’d prefer not to see Jews walking this earth. They certainly don’t want them as customers. 

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first radical message to appear on the Cox Farms welcome sign:

Cox Farms is located in Centreville, Virginia, which is in the liberal mindhive of Fairfax County. The land on which Cox Farms has resided for over 50 years was once owned by George Washington’s friend, Lord Fairfax, who assumed control of land long inhabited by the Dogue Indian tribe. So, you could say that the owners of Cox Farms are themselves colonizers who ruthlessly promote their own brand of white supremacy and commit injustice every day they inhabit that land. Shame on them.

Leftists can’t even let apple picking, hay rides, and Christmas tree shopping be enjoyable and family-friendly. They have to suck the fun out of absolutely everything because they want everyone to be as joyless as they are; luckily for the moral, right-thinking people who remain in the Northern Virginia area, there are plenty of beautiful Christmas tree farms where you can get a Christmas tree without the antisemitic season’s greetings. 

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