Yes, Kid Rock Sometimes Tries to Straddle the Fence — But in Bud Light’s Case, He’s Right – RedState

Yes, Kid Rock Sometimes Tries to Straddle the Fence — But in Bud Light’s Case, He’s Right – RedState

There’s no question that Bud Light’s ill-fated Dylan Mulvaney debacle will go down in the annals of marketing decisions as one of the worst decisions— if not the worst — ever made by a mega-corporation. 

That said, there were, and remain, multiple layers. This brings us to Kid Rock.

“The Kid” has been a “blue-collar-everyman” rock-and-roller from the beginning of his career. He doesn’t give a damn about “the establishment,” choosing instead to identify with his fans. As a result, it’s a safe bet that untold numbers of his followers are — or were — Bud Light drinkers.

Here’s more:

Shortly after the Mulvaney incident sparked a nationwide boycott of Bud Light and other AB brands, Rock famously recorded himself obliterating the company’s beer with a semi-automatic rifle.

On “Hannity,” Rock said he remains unafraid of and untethered by corporate interests, remarking that dynamic allows him to speak freely for himself and support causes without fear of retribution.

Host Sean Hannity said Rock — whose real name is Robert Ritchie — has called himself “uncancelable.”

“I call it Adam Schiff — you don’t give a Schiff,” Hannity joked,” to which “Kid” replied: I’m just not in bed with any corporate entities.” He continued:

You know, that would put me in a position where people could raise a stink, and I decided years ago — I’ve been very blessed. You know, I’ve worked hard and [am] still be able to do this at a high level at 25 years. 

And I decided when I was going to get vocal about all things, like, it’s not a time I have never been vocal. I’ve always tried to live that there’s no dollar amount on God’s green earth that would get me to not be able to be who I am.

He then talked about his recent happenstance meeting with UFC CEO Dana White at Madison Square Garden, which was also attended by former President Donald Trump. 

It’s actually funny. Speaking of that UFC fight, I’m standing there with our favorite president, and someone comes over, like, ‘The CEO of Anheuser-Busch is standing right behind you.’

“Rock” recounted what he told White, that night.

Because if you put this in context, why did this start? I told him that night, ‘You signaled to a lot of people like myself, like-minded people, put the trans thing aside for a minute, right? 

But by sending that can to [Mulvaney], you kind of signaled to us you support this lifestyle and more importantly, like, men being in women’s sports or in my granddaughter’s locker room.

You might recall that A-B InBev said at the time that, yes, “it was one can,” which meant zero difference to loyal Bud Light drinkers whether it was “just one can,” or one million cans.” The message was sent, regardless.

“We can coexist in public places,” Kid said he told the CEO: “You might not be my first dinner invite, you know what I mean? And I’m probably not yours,” adding: “I’m cool with you, that’s how most people are.”

I’m not sure about “most people,” in this case — or similar cases — but I am sure Kid Rock was more right than wrong.

Meanwhile. Target was unavailable for comment — again: 

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