CNN calls Jeffrey Toobin masturbation on Zoom an accident!

CNN calls Jeffrey Toobin masturbation on Zoom an accident!

Much to the dismay of CNN, the story of CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst masturbating on mass zoom call with colleagues watching hit all of the news outlets. CNN could have separated themselves from Toobin and condemned his actions. They could have fired him, they could have called it what it was, disgusting. Instead, CNN chose a different angle on the story, CNN called the whole thing an accident.

Earlier this month, CNN & New Yorker magazine were conducting brainstorming & planning over a zoom call in preparation for Super Tuesday. Jeffrey Toobin, for some wild reason, decided to masturbate during the call and lean his laptop down for everyone’s viewing displeasure.

CNN put Toobin on the sidelines as soon as they heard. Did they break the news to their viewers? Nope, they sat on it and hoped nobody would leak the story, somebody did. CNN responded that it was “an accident”.

So let’s just take a second to analyze this “accident”. Was it an accident that the story leaked? Did Jeffrey Toobin just accidentally masturbate to a Zoom audience? That’s not even the biggest question that arises from CNN’s statement. Do they think their viewers are really that dumb to believe that their Chief Legal Analyst accidentally masturbated? If they keep watching CNN, they probably are that dumb. What does all of this say about CNN, they clearly can’t be trusted to release news, and if they are forced to release news they don’t want to they just proved they will lie about it. How long have they been lying about the news (ok, that was rhetorical).

If CNN keeps their viewers after this incident, then their viewers are just lemmings following a banana off the cliff. Probably the type of people that would vote to raise their own taxes.

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