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As we reported a few days ago, the Jan. 6 Committee threw in the towel when it came to getting testimony from President Donald Trump, dropping the subpoena that they had out for him to testify.

It was pretty ridiculous, since they’d already delivered their final report. Also in the new Congress, their time is likely to be done. So, they weren’t going to be getting his testimony. This just made it look more like it was their idea, rather than that their not having anything. It was just instance #16,546 of the “walls are closing in” on Trump in the minds of Democrats. He’s their obsession, and they just can’t let it go.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) teased the Jan. 6 Committee about their failure.

“I’m confused. The J6 Committee withdrew @realDonaldTrump’s subpoena,” she snarked. “I thought they were sooooo close to catching him? I thought his imprisonment was “imminent” and “inevitable?” Weren’t “the walls closing in?” Oh, well. Better luck next time, kids.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) responded, whining in protest that it wasn’t “over.”

“Nah Dont [sic] worry.” Kinzinger declared. “His time will come….ain’t over.”

Yes, they’re finally going to do it…this time, the 16,547th time. They’re so desperate and so sad.

What’s wrong about what they’re doing is that it’s so incredibly wrong to use power to try to take out a political opponent. We have a justice system to serve justice, to punish crimes, not as part of a witch hunt to try to go after the guy that they want to get. It’s the antithesis of what the American justice system is supposed to be about. It’s all about Democrats holding onto power, right be damned.

But what’s funny is that it’s Kinzinger’s whose “time” has come. He’s “over” and done in the new Congress, while they still haven’t gotten Trump, despite aiming all their efforts at him. So, he can talk about Trump all he wants but Kinzinger failed, despite compromising himself and throwing in with the Democrats. The Democrats showed how much they appreciated Kinzinger by gerrymandering him out of his job.

Yet, he’s still pandering to them and whatever liberal media network he hopes to get a job with in the new year. Both he and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) can call each other up and commiserate with each other about being out of their jobs, although she got walloped and rejected by almost 40 points and he didn’t even try.

Some on social media asked him if he’d cleaned out his office yet. They suggested Waffle House was hiring. But that probably wasn’t a good suggestion since they like people who can defend themselves on their feet, as we saw with the Waffle House Girl. Not people who are always taking it on the chin like Adam.

Meanwhile, Boebert wasn’t quite done playing with little Adam yet.

“Never give up the dream, I guess, Adam,” Boebert mocked him. “If there is a next time you will be watching on TV though. Keep the Kleenex nearby!” she said, finishing him off over his propensity for crying.

At this point, you can see Adam just throwing all kinds of tantrums on his way out the door. It’s not a great look.

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