Ammo Maker Delivers Mic-Drop Moment to Detroit Rapper Partnering With Brady for Gun ‘Buyback’ – Bearing Arms

Ammo Maker Delivers Mic-Drop Moment to Detroit Rapper Partnering With Brady for Gun ‘Buyback’ – Bearing Arms

The gun control group Brady isn’t just interested in passing new laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms. It’s trying to change the culture as well. The outfit has spent a lot of time, money, and energy on enlisting the entertainment industry into their anti-gun activism, but their latest partnership with Detroit rapper Skillababy is already going off the rails.

As the Detroit Free-Press reports, the gun control group is teaming up with the rapper to hold a gun “buyback” on Saturday, and they’re super excited about working with a guy whose lyrics include poetry like “Let a n***a run up on me/he gon’ get his head blown/All my opps, calm down/ all my opps get a headstone/Quick to get a n***a smoked, my temper short, but my bread long”

Hannah Jones, national director of organizing for the group formally known as Brady: United Against Gun Violence, applauded Skilla’s reach.

As opposed to focusing on not blowing off heads, I suppose? 

Skilla (or should that be Mr. Baby?) informed the Free-Press that this weekend’s event is “just another way for me to give back to my community and show people that we’re not just trying to take; we’re trying to give”; which is an interesting way to describe a compensate confiscation event. I mean, yeah, they’re trying to take your guns, but hey, they’re gonna give you a couple hundred bucks (max) for your trouble. 

The rapper also told the Detroit paper that he’s interested in hosting gun safety courses in the future, which would be a far more productive use of his time and money. If nothing else, if he’d started with that kind of initiative he would would at least have avoided being utterly humiliated by Michigan-based Fenix Ammunition (language warning for the sensitive):. 

If you’re “big” in your community, then maybe YOU should do some research on the Brady Organization before they trot you out like a pawn to be used in their game to disarm black people in Detroit. You COULD do some real advocacy work and reach out to an organization like  or Black Bottom Gun Club and give back by supporting people who want to defend themselves and their families in these crime infested neighborhoods.Instead, you chose to be a shill for a group funded by Michael Bloomberg – a rich white man from New York – and comprised almost entirely of suburban white women who couldn’t give a s**t about you, your neighborhood, or the future of Detroit aside from making sure you continue to vote Democrat. Yeah, you’re a real G, bro.  You really care about your people. Lmao. Get the f**k out of here with that fake ass s**t. 

Mr. Baby responded to Fenix, though he quickly deleted his reply to the ammo makers. On the Internet, however, nothing is ever truly gone. 

Also disarming black people who don’t have proper licensing or know how to carry properly is saving them from killing someone and or preventing them from going to prison which is my goal not to disarm them harm them in any form or fashion.

As Fenix Ammunition colorfully pointed out, there are plenty of ways for the rapper to try to keep people from shooting each other or going to prison for carrying a gun without a concealed carry permit; a felony offense that comes with a mandatory minimum two-year sentence under Michigan law. Partnering with Maj Toure or Detroit firearms instructor Rick Ector would be far more productive than teaming up with Brady to host a “buyback” that won’t have any impact on violent crime, suicides, or accidents involving firearms.

Of course, if he’d done that then we would have missed out on the hilariousness of a gun control group studiously averting its collective gaze away from their newfound partner’s boasts like “I got rich friends, if I go broke, I’ll prolly switch hands/My AR will send a n**** under like some quicksand” and “I need a bitch that get money like Lena/My FN’ll make ’em go to sleep like an indica.” 

I can’t imagine those lyrics are Brady-approved, but hey, at least they’re making headlines for their collaboration with Skillababy, and I guess that’s more important than providing a real education in gun safety or, God forbid, teaming up to lobby for repeal of Michigan’s felony gun possession law.

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