Anti-Israel Protesters Scale the Fence of WH, Wave Palestinian Flag – RedState

Anti-Israel Protesters Scale the Fence of WH, Wave Palestinian Flag – RedState

My colleague Terri Christoph wrote about the troubling protest at the White House on Saturday night, where they smeared red paint on the White House gates. 

That was the culmination of a massive anti-Israel protest in D.C. They smashed a window at a McDonald’s and scrawled “Death to Israel” and “Gaza is going to win” on a building. They also vandalized a variety of statues around the White House. 

But while they were at the gates of the White House, they also had guys scaling the fence to the shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” and waving the Palestinian flag. Here’s one of them. 

That’s a concerning visual, to say the least, when a foreign flag is being waved at our White House. 

They also chanted “From the river to the sea” and “Long live the intifada.” They were shaking the front gates of the White House. This report also claims they were throwing things at the Secret Service. 

That’s bad enough. But in context, it’s worse. Dozens of Americans were just killed by Hamas terrorists. Hundreds are still being prevented from leaving Gaza. At least ten are thought to be hostages right now. 

Yet you have people scaling the fence of the White House with the Palestinian flag and seemingly trying to shake the front gate. If that isn’t a sign of big trouble and an ineffective response, I don’t know what is. Ironic that Joe Biden decries walls, yet he employs fences, and fortunately for the White House, they held. What would have happened if they hadn’t? 

The Secret Service was apparently telling the protesters to stop scaling the fence, but they weren’t listening. How is it that people were allowed to get to the point? That’s something the Secret Service needs to consider because that’s a threat to security, particularly when you have that many people potentially involved. 

Where is Joe Biden in all this chaos? Did they have to rush him to a bunker? 

No, he’s off on yet another vacation at his beach house in Delaware, as he is whenever there’s a crisis and whenever anything is popping off that might endanger the United States. He still has had no real response to the killing of Americans or any real answer as to how he’s going to get the Americans being held out. But hey, at least he’s getting his beach time in, right? He works so hard doing nothing good, he needs his rest. 

What are the chances that any of these activists will suffer any consequences for their damage to the White House? 

Not good.  There were reports of one man being arrested for destruction of property. What that pertained to isn’t yet clear. 

Now, if they’d been wearing red hats, that would be a different thing. But then they wouldn’t have been protected by the magical “D.”

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