Biden Admin Overruled General Who Wanted To Pull Troops Out Of D.C.

Biden Admin Overruled General Who Wanted To Pull Troops Out Of D.C.

The top general at the National Guard pushed the Biden administration to relieve troops of their deployment in Washington D.C. but was ignored and overturned by the Pentagon to instead gaslight the public with the continued military presence.

According to an official memo obtained exclusively by Fox News Thursday, the National Guard chief told the Pentagon he disagrees with the need for 2,300 troops to remain at the U.S. Capitol, which has seen beefed up security from federal troops since the riot in early January.

Despite the National Guard citing no need for their occupation of D.C. and being overstretched for resources, Fox News reported, Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “overrode the National Guard’s recommendation and extended the D.C. mission.”

“Efforts to date have not secured enough volunteers amongst supporting states to meet the U.S. Capitol request of 22,280 soldiers, nor even option B, which is to keep 1,000 soldiers there,” wrote National Guard Bureau General Daniel Howkanson in the memo read on air by Fox News reporter Gillian Turner. “I’m concerned that the indefinite nature of this requirement may also impede our ability to man future missions.”

Turner said the memo circulated at the White House National Security Council last week but that Defense Secretary Austin formally approved an extension of the troop deployment just two days ago beyond the already extended March 12 deadline.

Democrats, who are exploiting the January 6 riot to push for enhanced security to become permanent, once vilified the brief presence of federal troops sent to protect the Lincoln Memorial when attacked by militant protestors last summer. Nationwide devastation from the two weeks of rioting in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death total 66 times more than the estimated damage to the Capitol building in January.

Twice, intelligence agencies raised hysteria of follow-up attacks on the U.S. Capitol to justify the enhanced troop presence, and twice, nothing happened.

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