Biden Gets Confused About Congress, Ukraine, and ‘Consequences’ for Putin – RedState

Biden Gets Confused About Congress, Ukraine, and ‘Consequences’ for Putin – RedState

Joe Biden was off on yet another vacation at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware on Friday for the long weekend. That was after spending a couple of hours in East Palestine, Ohio, finally making it there after more than a year of promising to go see the people adversely affected by environmental concerns after a train derailment. 

But while he was in Rehoboth Beach on Saturday, reporters managed to corral him outside St. Edmond’s Church and ask him a few questions. I’m not sure where the handlers were, but they fell down on the job here. 

Biden had warned Russian leader Vladimir Putin in 2021 of “devastating” consequences if anything happened to Alexei Navalny. As we reported, Biden said on Friday that he blames Putin for Navalny’s death in custody this week. He said on Friday that Putin had faced a lot of consequences since then and claimed he was now considering possible actions.

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In Rehoboth Beach, Biden reiterated to reporters that Putin was “responsible” and said it “cannot be tolerated.”

So what’s Biden going to do about it? 

“I said we [there] would be a price to pay,” Biden declared. “He’s is paying a price already. Since 2000 when I made that statement, Russians have had sanctions imposed on them and a whole range of other impacts.”

So is he saying those are the “consequences?” Doesn’t sound like much. Did the Russians just get a free killing? Will Joe do anything at all about it, or will it be like his response to the Iran-backed militants shooting at our ships in the Red Sea? 

Then what year did you promise consequences, Joe? 2000? No, it was 2021. Does he know what year it is now? Does he have any idea what he is saying? 

Then he went back to his favorite subject — Ukraine aid. He seems more concerned about getting Congress to pass an aid package than anything else. 

“The idea that we’re going to walk away from Ukraine,” Biden said. 

“The idea that we’re going to let NATO begin to split, it’s totally against the interests of the United States of America. And it is against our word we’ve given since all the way back to Eisenhower. It’s about time we make sure that Congress come home and pass the legislation funding NATO.”

Biden does this constantly — he acts like Ukraine is a NATO member when it isn’t. Not sending aid without end to Ukraine is not against our word because they are not part of the Alliance. Biden is in complete confusion, thinking Congress is considering “legislation funding NATO” but conflating it with the bill involving aid to Ukraine. Does he know what he is saying anymore? 

It’s also incredibly ironic that he’s chiding Congress “to come home” and pass the bill he wants. He isn’t “home” at the White House — he’s on vacation again at his beach digs. So who is he to talk about anyone else? How about he be concerned about defending the United States border, which he seems far less interested in than Ukraine.

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