Biden Gets Confused Out on the Lawn, Jill Has to Correct Him Again – RedState

Biden Gets Confused Out on the Lawn, Jill Has to Correct Him Again – RedState

Joe Biden has a problem when trying to defend himself against the truth of his problems of incoherence. 

He occasionally has to go out.  

He can’t hide inside all the time. He might have succeded with the hiding-in-the-basement technique in 2020, but he isn’t going to get away with it in this election. His people are doing what they can, limiting press access to him and not putting a lot on his public schedule. Frequently he has just one thing on his schedule. He had no events on his public schedule on Thursday and only a lunch with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday—such a hard-working guy. 

They did have him go out and look at the Valentine’s Day decorations on the White House lawn on Wednesday. We reported a bit on that already. He was asked a question about the shooting at the parade in Kansas City and he failed to respond for several seconds, walking toward the decorations and Jill, and away from the reporters. Then he and Jill appeared to talk, and it was only then he turned around and answered the question, saying he would have more information on the matter later. It seemed that Jill had fed him the answer. But even that answer didn’t exhibit any concern for the people affected by the shooting. 

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However, there was a little bit more of Joe’s interaction with the Valentine’s Day cards that was worthy of note. Even on something as simple as that, when it’s just supposed to be a photo op of them wandering around on the lawn, looking at the stuff, he seemed confused and needed help from Jill. 

They’re looking at one of the cards, then she takes off, leaving him there as he’s still looking at the card. Why does she take off and just leave him there? 

He then told the reporters, “She never did this for me before when we were home.”  

What, she never sent him a Valentine’s Day card? That’s pretty sad. 

Then he called out to her, “Wanna get a picture?” 

She has to tell Joe they already did. Yikes, They just took the pictures.

Then he shuffled off, back inside with Jill. 

At this point it’s elder abuse, but none of them seem to care, and that may be one the saddest things in this whole saga. 

It’s only going to get worse. 


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